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Here are 10 Cute Christmas Nails to Try This Holiday Season

Did you get your nails done for the holidays yet? If you’re looking for cute Christmas nails ideas, I’ve got good ones for you. I’m sharing 10 holiday nails that I think are so fun for the holidays.

Up until a couple of years ago, I had never tried nail art. I found this awesome nail artist in Boston. When I saw her designs, I knew I had to try nail art.

I don’t do over-the-top nail art that often for a couple of reasons. First, I often get bored with the design after a few days. I absolutely love the red and the simple white design I chose, but even that starts to feel mundane after a week. Second, nail art is much more expensive than regular manicures. However, if you do just one or two nails, it’s much less expensive.

I chose this super simple design because I love nail art, but I get tired of it so quickly. The reason I chose this design is I wanted something that said cute Christmas nails but also felt pretty neutral. The red color is one of my favorites, Plus, the design is simple and feels more wintery than just Christmas.

A lot of the cute Christmas nails I chose are more neutral on purpose. I personally prefer neutral over loud nail designs. In the week since I’ve had my manicure, I’ve gotten so many compliments. I think the red color is really striking, with just a little shimmer in it. My nail artist hand-painted the little white details. If you’re unsure of trying nail for Christmas, I’d suggest starting simple, as I did.

10 Cute Christmas Nails Ideas

1. Modern French

2. Red and White

3. Gingerbread Men

4. Sweater Weather

5. Candy Canes

6. Christmas Lights

7. Blue Glitter

8. Winter Grey

9. Pink Snow

10. Silver and Red

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