11 Adorable Fall Nails Ideas You Should Think About

Do you change up your nail design and colors depending on the season? I definitely do. Although, I always wear classic red and beige colors year-round. During the fall, I like to explore different fall colors. I love doing less obvious designs, but still like to try different fall nails. 

Lately, I’ve been keeping my nails a bit shorter. I am doing gel-only. I used to do a lot more acrylic nails, but I got tired of the super long length. Because I spend so much time on my computer, I started getting annoyed with the difficulty with typing, vs. when I have shorter nails. The shorter length still allows for cute designs but the upkeep and time at the salon is much shorter. My tip is to ask your nail technician to do an extra base coat. It’s kept my short fall nails very strong and has kept the design very fresh.

Last week, I decided to try orange fall nails. I normally shy away from orange colors, except for maybe a salmon or coral. This time, I went for a really bold orange color, and then I did a little animal print design on my ring finger for a little embellishment and fun. If you want the same design as me, you will want to use this OPI polish (mine is the gel version) for the nails. Then, for the ring finger, use this color. I asked my nail tech to create an animal print and she used this tool to create the design, along with black polish.

If you’re interested in seeing other nail art ideas, click here. If you’re looking for designs for short nails, here are 10 ideas that I think are so much fun for fall. Any of these ideas would work well for short nails or long nails, depending on your preference. What nail styles do you like to wear for fall?

11 Fall Nail Designs For Short Nails

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