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4 Sensational Reasons You Should Try Straight Leg Ripped Black Jeans

I can’t lie. Since the pandemic started, I swore off jeans in favor of joggers. I hadn’t worn jeans in well over a year. Then, I slowly started to reintroduce myself to ‘normal’ life (i.e. going out to dinner with my girlfriends), and I realized my wardrobe was sorely lacking. I planned to attend my first concert in years, and I needed a new look. That’s when I finally got a new pair of jeans. I chose these high-waisted ripped black jeans to re-enter the world of denim, and I love them! Here are 5 reasons you should try straight-leg black ripped jeans for women.

Why are Ripped Black Jeans for Women so Hot This Fall?

1. They are On-Trend

Unless you’ve been under a rock, you probably know that skinny jeans are oh so cheugy. (That’s the Gen Z term of lame – the opposite of trendy). To be honest, I can’t really pull off the wide-leg or 90s style jeans that well. The ultra-wide legs just make my curvy bottom half look even bigger. I look much better in straight-leg or skinny jeans. A straight-leg pair of jeans is a great transition if you’re used to wearing only skinny jeans. They aren’t that different, but still, look flatting on most figures. 

{Stacey’s Look: Black Denim Jeans; Top (similar); Heels (similar); Bag (similar); Lip Color}

2. High Waisted Ripped Jeans are Flattering

I personally love wearing high-waisted jeans. The mom jeans style works well on my curvier frame and the high waist makes me feel really cinched in. High-waisted jeans are flattering on most people, in my opinion. They also elongate the body and help to define the waist line. 

3. Black Jeans are More Forgiving

Black jeans are forgiving in a couple of ways. First, they are definitely more slimming than light wash jeans. Also, they literally hide dirt better too. I love wearing light jeans, but I also feel like I need to wash them every time I wear them. With dark denim, I can generally get more than one wear, which keeps the denim in better quality. 

4. They Go with Everything

Black jeans are so verastile! They go with everything! I love to dress them up or dress them down depending on my mood and the occasion. These jeans look just as great with sneakers and a hoodie as they do with a cute top and heels.

If you haven’t worn jeans in awhile or you haven’t tried a black ripped denim, this is your cue to try it! I’m sharing some of my favorite choices under $100 below.  Are yooking for other fall fashion ideas? Click here.

Ripped Black Jeans Under $100

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