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Summer Fun: The Best Backyard Water Toys for Kids on Amazon

Summer is in full swing and I’m constantly looking for ways to make sure my kids are having fun and being active. That’s why I’m a big fan of backyard water toys for kids. They offer hours of fun and there are a lot of affordable options. We don’t have a big backyard, but we do have a front yard that works for water games.

Backyard Water Toys 

I found this inexpensive slip n’ slide and my kids have so much fun sliding down the hill. Often, I also blow up water balloons like this, and they love throwing the balloons while they slide down. 

I wish we had a little more space, then I would definitely get one of the giant inflatables that also serves as a water slide. They also sell water slides and jumpy castle combos, which look like a ton of fun.

Another way to create backyard water toys for kids is to try different things, such as kids sprinklers (or this fun DIY version). You could also make a water balloon pinata. Another option would be to consider an inflatable pool. There are lots of different options that would definitely make for great backyard water toys for kids. 

To be completely honest, it doesn’t take much to entertain my kids, as long as there is water available. They love playing with water guns, splashing in a (way too small for them) kitty pool. They also really enjoy playing with simply a bucket and a hose. It’s so funny to me how much joy dumping a bucket of water on their heads is for them!

A lot of times, us parents put so much pressure on ourselves to have the perfect summer with our kids. I hope these backyard water toys for kids ideas help you think about some inexpensive ways for you to have fun outside with your kids this summer. 

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What are your favorite backyard water toys?  Let me know in a comment below! 

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