You Need to Check Out These Activities for Kids During COVID

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What are your biggest concerns related to COVID? Of course, I’m concerned for our health, but my bigger concerns are actually about my children’s development. I worry that they are not interacting with their friends. I’m concerned that they aren’t at school, learning from qualified teachers. I am also sad that they have not been able to see their family and friends for months.

Thankfully, there are a lot of great resources and technology that can keep us connected. That’s why I’m so excited to tell you about AT&T’s partnership with Sesame Street, offering free resources for families and activities for kids during COVID.  

AT&T and Sesame Street have teamed up to help keep families connected and emotionally supported. As a mom, I feel like it is my duty to make sure my children have social interactions. I’m sure you can relate. Prior to COVID, we were constantly planning play dates, organizing or attending birthday parties, making time to connect with our families, and doing things to support our children’s development. We manage our kids’ social lives so much, and COVID has really changed a lot of that. The new Sesame Workshop resources sponsored by AT&T help busy moms by providing inspiration and support to keep our kids connected and supporting their social-emotional needs during this challenging time.

Sesame Workshop: Caring For Each Other

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The new Sesame Workshop Caring for Each Other Resources address topics like missing friends and important public health messages, such as the do’s and don’ts of face coverings. This new series is part of a $10 million Distance Learning and Family Connections Fund that was created by AT&T to give parents, students and teachers the tools they need for at-home learning and family togetherness. All of the Caring for Each Other resources are free and available at

Caring For Each Other Modules

activities for kids during covid
There are several different modules for parents, teachers and kids to explore. “Stay Safe from Far Away” is part of the Missing Friends content bundle. This module includes some creative ideas for how to stay in touch with a long-distance grandparent or friend from school. Children can use this module to sing songs, read aloud over the phone, play sound games on the phone, draw pictures and send them by email, etc. These are just a few examples of the activities available to kids during COVID.

Tips for Social Distancing Playdates

activities for kids during covid
Another topic that’s really relevant right now is “Tips to Prepare for an Outdoor Playdate,” which is also part of the Missing Friends content bundle. This module talks about ideas for preparing for outdoor playdates with friends your kids haven’t seen in a while. It helps us teach our kids safe ways to say hello. There are many ways children can greet each other without hugging or touching. For example, your kids can make a heart with their hands, blow kisses, or wrap their hands around their own bodies to give themselves a hug (and pretend they are giving a friend one).

Tips for Parents Transitioning Back to Work

This third topic hits home for me. Our kids have gotten used to being home with us so much; they are definitely going to feel some anxiety when we do head back to work, and they aren’t with us 24/7. The “Tips for Parents Transitioning Back to Work” module is part of the Feeling Separation Anxiety bundle. When parents head back to work, kids might feel worried, sad, or afraid. There are a lot of ways to help ease this anxiety, such as making a special goodbye ritual.

These are just a few activities for kids during COVID, and a few ways that AT&T and Sesame Street are helping families through this difficult time. They are offering some amazing resources, so we can stay safe and connected. Make sure to head over to to check out all of the amazing resources for parents and families.

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