10 Shein Floral Midi Dresses With Sleeves Under $35

shein floral midi dresses
When I scheduled this post, I thought I would be talking about Shein floral midi dresses with sleeves. Not that that’s not a fun topic, but given the strangeness of the coronavirus situation right now, talking about fashion feels odd, at best.

I planned to write about people’s upcoming spring break plans and why I think that finding some cute floral midi dresses is a great idea. Now, most people won’t be traveling much of anywhere, and I’m not sure how much effort people will invest in thinking about their spring and summer wardrobes either.

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When I envisioned this post, I planned to write about my own upcoming spring and summer travel plans. I wanted to talk about how this floral midi dress fits perfectly in a carry-on. I brought this dress with me last fall when I went to Turks and Caicos. It is a perfect dress for travel and for tropical destinations because it is very light-weight, packs super flatly, and also is a flowy and breathable option for hot temperatures.

{Stacey’s Look: Dress (similar); Heels (similar, similar); Sunglasses}

I assumed many of you would also be packing for warm weather trips and preparing for lots of tropical destinations. From what I’ve read online, most people are canceling all of their travel plans and most people are staying home. I know it likely feels like a weird time to shop for anything but food and other basic necessities. Keep this story in your back pocket for warmer days that also allow us to travel freely again.

Dress shopping is like doing a puzzle. All of the pieces have to fit properly. In the case of making a dress purchase, one of the biggest pieces you need to get right is the length. A midi dress is a popular length for practical reasons, as well as fashionable ones. A big reason to look at your midi length options is wearing a dress that leaves part of your lower leg exposed gives you more fashion options. For example, you can show off almost any footwear you want. You can also wear a midi dress during most seasons and in most locations. Whether you are attending an office party or taking your kids to school, a midi dress can be comfortable, stylish, and appropriate for whatever company you are keeping.

If it’s warm where you are or you’re just dreaming for warmer days, I’m sharing some of my favorite floral midi dresses. All of my picks are under $25 from Shein. I love Shein because they offer totally affordable, yet decent quality pieces that are very trendy and perfect for spring and summer.

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Shein Floral Midi Dresses with Sleeves Under $25

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