Everything You Need to Know About Ktip Extensions

I received complimentary Bellami ktip extensions from Hair by Maribel, owner of Sabino Salon. All opinions are my own.

ktip extensions review by top LA lifestyle blogger, Posh in Progress
Have you heard of ktip extensions? I hadn’t until about two months ago. I’d been thinking about trying hair extensions for a couple of years. I tried tape-in hair extensions a few years ago, but I really didn’t like them. I’d read about a few other options for hair extensions – like halos, clip-ins, and weaves, but I really wasn’t sure what was right for me.

About Maribel at Sabino Salon

ktip extensions review by top LA lifestyle blogger, Posh in Progress
I spent a lot of time looking at different types of extensions and scoured Instagram to see people near me who did extensions. When I saw Maribel’s page, I knew I wanted to work with her. I loved her page because all of her clients’ extensions looked flawless. The other reason I wanted to work with her was that I really loved how she took the time to educate her followers.

Like Maribel, one of the things I always try to do on my blog and social media is to teach people what I’ve learned. The way Maribel explains and talks about hair extensions, it is clear she is passionate about extensions. She also shares practical information about how to wear your extensions, care for them, and why she believes ktips are the best.

Once I found Maribel, I scheduled a consultation with her for a few weeks later. She gets booked months in advance, she’s that good. Her salon is about an hour from where I live, but Maribel is used to people traveling for her. She told me that people regularly fly-in from out of state to see her.

My Ktip Extensions Consultation With Maribel

ktip extensions review by top LA lifestyle blogger, Posh in Progress
When I arrived Maribel greeted me. Right away, I knew this was going to be fun. Maribel has a magnetic personality. She is so sweet, a ton of fun and just so kind. She cares so much about her clients, and she is extremely passionate about what she does. Also, she loves doing hair and takes great pride in her transformations. If you spend some time on her page, you’ll see she’s done a lot of transformations that change people’s lives.

My consult was only about 15-20 minutes. We talked through ktip hair extensions. She showed me different color options. We discussed the different lengths and options. She took a lot of time to make sure she understood my goals and then suggested some extensions she thought would be great for me.

When I left, we decided she’d add me to her cancellation list. Lucky for me, a girl canceled about three weeks later, so I was able to get in after about a month to six weeks after I first contacted her.

Why I Decided to Try KTip Extensions

ktip extensions review by top LA lifestyle blogger, Posh in Progress
There was one thing that Maribel said to me that really solidified my decision to try ktip extensions. She said that ktips are the absolute best choice for people with thin and fine hair like mine. Once I felt and touched the ktips, I understood why. Maribel is able to cut the ktips into two or three pieces so that the extensions can be added to much smaller bundles of hair. That way, they are not at all bulky and are easily hidden among your own hair.

Another great thing about ktip hair extensions is that the hair is all human hair, it is super silky and soft and is naturally straight. My own hair is very silky and straight,it’s just super fine, so the extensions do blend so well with my hair. Ktips are also very gentle on your hair and they will not damage your hair as long as you take care of them.

Are KTip Extensions Right for You?

Ktips are great for me, but I can’t say whether they are the best choice for your hair. I would highly suggest that you meet with several different salon professionals to educate yourself and learn more about the different type of extensions. I personally did not like tape in extensions because I never got used to how they felt on my head. They felt so bulky and I thought they were pretty noticeable. I like ktips way more because they blend way better in my hair and they look really natural. They also last up to 6 months, much longer than some of the other options.

Price of KTip Extensions

This is the number one question I’ve received from people. Maribel does not quote prices online or over the phone. She requires a consultation so she knows exactly what your hair is like, what your goals are, and how much hair would be required to reach your goal. I’m sure the price also varies depending on where they source their hair, and how much the specific stylist charges per hour or per instillation. Ktips are pricey, but for good reason. They look amazing and last for up to 6 months. You wear your hair every day, so it is an investment in your personal look and style.

Overall, I’m so glad I met Maribel and finally tried Ktip extensions. I’m so happy with how my hair looks and she’s definitely made me a believer in ktip extensions.


  1. Extensions are complex. First of all, there are hundreds of hair types to choose from depending on the look you’re going for — long, short, curly, and every color you can imagine. And if you thought picking out the right extensions was hard enough, the methods used to install them are equally unique.
    You have a few options: The sew-in method, which actually sews wefts of hair to your natural hair; clip-ins that are fastened with barrette-like attachments; micro links, which are individual extensions that are applied strand-by-strand with bead-like rings; and then there are tape-in human hair extensions.

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