Here Are The Best Colorblock Jackets Under $50

I received this colorblock jacket in exchange for promotion. All opinions are my own. 

colorblock jacket
I have a problem. I am obsessed with coats and jackets. Right now, my entire wardrobe consists of coats, jackets, jeans, and Ts.  Its starting to feel like rut.  But then I add a new jacket, like this colorblock jacket, and all my old jeans and Ts feel fresh again.

I started telecommuting about a year ago. Since then, I’ve given up most of my dressy work clothes. I used to wear mostly skinny cropped slacks with blazers. Occasionally, I’d wear a fitted dress with a blazer. But now, I’ve moved all those clothes to the back of my closet. Now, I rotate in different jeans with my plethora of jacket.

colorblock jacket 2
There are a few reasons why I love this jacket so much. First, they are perfect for California weather. In Los Angeles, most days, even in winter, the temperatures are mild, but mornings and evenings are cool. You need lots of layers to feel the most comfortable here. Jackets and coats are perfect for layering, so I always bring one with me, no matter what.

I also love jackets because I think they make outfits look more put together, with very little effort.

{Stacey’s Look: Jacket; Jeans; T; Purse; Heels}

colorblock jacket 4
Plus, there are so many different styles of jackets and coats, so it doesn’t feel boring. You can change your entire look just by changing the style of jacket. I do own a lot of leather and suede biker-style jackets. But, I have them in so many different colors and with different embellishments, that those generally work with every look. I don’t own nearly as many coats like this colorblock jacket, so I was excited to add this to the mix.

The fun thing about this jacket is that it’s super lightweight, but also has no closure, which makes it feel more casual, almost like a cardigan. I also love that the colors are neutral so this jacket looks great with jeans, but also nice with a midi dress or dress slacks.

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The other great thing about this colorblock jacket is that it’s totally affordable. This jacket was only $23!

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If you’re looking for a colorblock jacket to add to your fall wardrobe, here are some of my favorites, all under $100.

Colorblock Jackets Under $50

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