Here Are The Best Tortoise Shell Earrings For Summer

I recently got these tortoise shell earrings. At the time, I didn’t realize tortoise hoop earrings are majorly on trend for summer. I actually haven’t gotten a pair of tortoise hoops yet, but I do love these gold earrings with a touch of tortoise shell.

I’m pretty new to wearing dangling earrings. For the longest time, I just work my large diamond studs. Then, about a year ago, I brought back all the earrings. I actually have four holes in one ear and five on the other. I got cute little studs from my favorite designers, Valerie Madison, and stacked them one on the next. At first, I just kept the large studs in the first hole, but then I slowly started adding larger hoops into the rotation.

Tortoise earrings, either with hoops or dangling earrings, like mine, are a fun addition to your earring rotation because they are less expected and totally neutral. You can wear tortoise shell with just about anything. because there are several colors mixed in with the tortoise shell – often browns and yellows, but sometimes pinks and whites, you can wear tortoise shell with pretty much any color.

I personally love these earrings because the layered circles are interesting, but they are still quite light in weight. I’m not a big fan of really heavy earrings. Although these ones are still pretty large, they are ultra light weight. That also makes them perfect for summer.

I don’t like to feel weighed down by my accessories in the summer. This is why I tend not to wear many necklaces in the summer. That’s another reason I love these tortoise shell earrings. They add a lot of visual interest and attention to my face, while still feeling really easy to wear.

If you’re interested in adding tortoise hoop earrings or any other tortoise shell earrings, here are some of my current favorite pairs.

The Best Tortoise Shell Earrings

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