6 Unique Things to Do in Toronto

A few weeks ago, I had the chance to visit Toronto for the first time. I’d heard good things about the city, but I had no expectations of my visit. Honestly, I’ve been so busy lately, I didn’t even have time to pre-plan the trip. Normally, I have a list of things I’ll do when I get to a new place, but with Toronto, I just winged it. Luckily, I did find the time to check out 5 unique things to do in Toronto.

Honestly. it is the best feeling when you have no expectations of a place and then the city blows you away. Downtown Toronto is one cool place and I can’t wait to go back. If you get to visit some time soon, here are the 5 unique things to do in Toronto that I’d highly recommend.

6 Unique Things To Do in Toronto

1. Visit Graffiti Alley for Amazing Street Art

I couldn’t believe how much amazing street art there is in Toronto. There were two main places where I checked out street art. First, I visited the Kensington Market area of the city, thanks to my Uber driver’s recommendation. Kensington Market also had a lot of really cute shops and restaurants. I actually walked from Kensington Market to Graffiti Alley, where there are tons of amazing murals. It was such a lovely walk with so many gorgeous murals. My walking tour of street art was definitely the highlight of my trip.

2. Walk Around The Distrillery District

On my last morning in Toronto, I had about an hour to kill before I headed to the airport. I wandered around the Distillery District, where there were several cute shops and lots of great-looking restaurants. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the time to actually eat (or drink), but it was definitely a cool area that I’d recommend people visit. I only wish I had more time to explore myself.

3. Stroll Along The Toronto Waterfront on Lake Ontario

My hotel happened to be right by the Toronto waterfront, so I had the chance to stroll along the waterway and happened upon this gorgeous sail boat. It wasn’t very warm the week I visited, so I didn’t spend too much time outside. However, I did enjoy the walk along the water. Plus, there was a great local brewery right by this ship, called Amsterdam Brewing Co. – they have an amazing beer selection and the best roasted Brussels sprouts.

4. Check Out Amazing Public Art

No matter where you walk in Toronto, you will find public art. I wasn’t even trying to find this cool architecture and city sign, but I just found it while I was walking to a nearby hotel for a conference session. As I walked back to my hotel later, I also saw a bunch of sheep sculptures. I just loved how artistic the city felt – so many public art instillations, so much amazing street art, and equally cool architecture throughout the city.

5. Visit the St. Lawrence Market

Early one morning, I headed to the St. Lawrence Market to check out their farmer’s market and all of the fresh food stands inside. Although I didn’t actually buy anything during my visit, I would highly suggest arriving hungry and buying some local bread or pastries. There were several stands with delicious-looking food, but I had just eaten before I arrived. Next time, I’ll know to arrive hungry.

6. Eat at Toula Restaurant at Sunset

I stayed at the Westin during my trip, so I decided to check out their rooftop restaurant. I’m so glad I did. The view was absolutely spectacular and the food was delicious too. The restaurant offers both a beautiful view of the Lake Ontario waterfront along with a great view of the CN Tower and downtown Toronto.

Overall, the trip to Toronto was way cooler then I expected. It’s a really cool big city with a lot of culture. I’m definitely planning to go back, especially in the summer. The only negative thing I have to say is that it was very cold, even in April. I hope to visit during the summer so I can enjoy walking around this cool city without constantly feeling cold. However, even with the cold, it’s a place I’d love to visit again. If you get the chance, I’d highly suggest you visit Toronto.

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