Why I Will Shop Small Businesses This Holiday Season

During the holidays, I’m sure you’ve heard people talking about taking the time to shop small, but have you ever really thought about what that means? Have you ever thought about where your dollar goes?

Every time we buy anything, it matters. We’re buying into an economy, a way of doing business, and ultimately, making someone a little bit richer. Most of the time, our money is just making big companies even bigger. Not that there’s anything wrong with that – we live in a world driven by an economy that we’ve all bought into – literally and figuratively. But if you do want to have an influence on your local community, then you should consider supporting local businesses and shop small whenever you can.

With our overly politicized environment right now, I’ve actually been thinking a lot more about how I can make a difference. Most of the time, I often feel kind of helpless with the politics of the day. Well, shopping small is one way to have an actual influence on your local environment and economy. Also, those small businesses, if you want them to stay in your community, you need to support them.

On one of my recent trips to California, I spent the day in Hermosa Beach. I visited several little boutiques up and down the main thoroughfare by the pier. A friend told me about a new little boutique called Studio Curate, so I had to stop and check it out. Earlier this year, I actually ordered a very special piece of jewelry, after spotting it on Instagram, so I had to visit them in person when I finally had the chance.

I wish I could sum up in a few words how adorable this little boutique is. Every way you turn, you’ll find something unique, unexpected and completely special. The mother daughter duo, Christina and Lauren, curate every single piece for their shop. They have such an eye for design (and photography for that matter, they provided the images).  They carry super fine vintage, exotic plants, cool clothes, and special decor pieces that will liven up any space.

Not only do they have a super cute boutique, where they often throw little happy hours and parties, they offer so many other services. They host events, specializing in Curated Cocktails and they bring everything right to you. They will bring the bar, a curated cocktail menu, vintage glassware, decor, etc., so you can be the life of your party and not worry about the entertaining.

They also offer other interior design consulting services. They can help you redo your home, office, outdoor space etc. Just by watching their IG feed and also seeing their little shop, I know they are masters of home design. No matter your decor need, they can help you cultivate and realize your vision.

If you’re in Hermosa Beach anytime soon, definitely stop by Studio Curate and say hi. Or if you’re in the LA area or Orange County and could benefit from their services, give them a call. Not local? You should definitely give them a follow on IG. Every time I see something new they post, I’m so tempted to DM them and buy it right on the spot. They always have something new or unique that I must have.

Don’t forget to consider shopping small this holiday. And as Studio Curate recently posted –  Every time you buy something local, an actual person does a happy dance. Happy shopping small!

Images via Studio Curate.

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