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I received a discounted stay at Beaches Resort. All opinions are my own.

best tropical family vacations 2I try not to regret decisions I make because I don’t make decisions lightly. I often spend days, weeks, months analyzing something before I make a decision, so I try not to question them. Since I don’t come to decisions very quickly or without great thought, I try to have faith in myself and my thought process. But every now and then, I just get it wrong. Recently, I definitely got it wrong when I chose not to bring my kids with me to Beaches Turks and Caicos. The moment I got to the resort, I regretted my decision. If I get the chance to go back, my kids will be with me. So if you’re looking for the best tropical family vacations, you should definitely consider the Beaches resorts. Here are the 6 reasons why.

1. Built-In Childcare

When you think of going to the Caribbean, I don’t think having your kids with you is probably the first thing that comes to mind. That’s why I originally didn’t bring them with me. I wanted the chance to relax, and I figured there was no way I could have it both ways if the kids were with me. Well, I was wrong. The great thing about Beaches Resorts is that they offer childcare and nannies – and get this – it’s all included! At the resort I was at, kids can actually be in the Kids Club from 9am to 9pm. So not only can parents get a break, the kids I heard from said they loved their time in the Kids Club. They did a lot of fun activities like boating, building sand castles, art projects, you name it. I actually think the kids had more fun in the childcare than they did with their parents most of the time, because they were with other kids their age.

Basically, you can use the service when you want to use it, and the rest of the time you can hang with your kids at the multiple pools, water slides, restaurants, etc. It’s really the best of both worlds to be able to have quality time with your kids while still having the option to have adult-only time.

2. Water Slides & Pools

best tropical family vacationsThe Beaches Resort I went to had so many different pools and also a bunch of different water slides. There is no way your kids would get tired of all of the options, from a lazy river, to water slides, to a surf simulator. There are just so many outdoor options to keep your kids entertained. Plus, all that outdoor time means they will sleep well at night!

3. Beach Fun

At the Beaches Turks and Caicos, there is a lovely beach with a lot of fun options for kids. They have rafts that are in the ocean that you can swim out to and play on. There are boats, kayaks, and other water sports. Also, don’t miss out on other fun options like snorkeling, scuba diving (they also have certification options there), and a glass bottom boat!

4. Endless Food Options

If you have a picky eater, you don’t have to worry at Beaches Resorts. They have so many food options, you will find something your kids love. They have all the kiddie favorites like pizza, mac and cheese, chicken nuggets, ice cream. But they also have tons of healthy options too, if you (or your kids) want to keep it light.

5. Kid-Centric Events

One thing I didn’t expect was all the special events they offered for kids. They threw special parties and other stage presentations/shows that were specifically for kids. They also offered other special activities like tie-dying and things like that to keep kids entertained throughout their stay. One of the kiddie highlights I also got to experience was the Mad Hatter party. I couldn’t get over the attention to detail of this event. They had kid-focused desserts, tables that were kid-friendly, and everything you could imagine to help kids feel like they just stepped inside Alice in Wonderland.

6. Sesame Street!

Beaches Resorts have a partnership with Sesame Street, so it was fun to see the characters wondering around the resort. My kids are at the perfect ages to still really love and appreciate seeing the characters, so I was bummed they weren’t with me. They even offer special opportunities to interact with the characters at breakfast or have the characters come to your room at night to tuck in the kids. These are just really special moments you can create for your kids at the Beaches Resorts.

Overall, I think Beaches Resorts would make on of the best tropical family vacations for you and your family. I sincerely regret that I didn’t bring my kids with me, and I’m very hopeful I have the chance to bring them with me another time. These are just 6 of the many reasons I think it is the perfect family destination.

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