These 3 Easy Tips Will Help You Take Care of Yourself

This post is sponsored by Wendy’s. All opinions are my own. 

Fall is one of the busiest times of the year. School is back in session and the holidays are right around the corner. You’re likely already juggling many kid activities, your work, and everything else you need to get done each day. As busy moms, the first thing we drop is taking care of ourselves. We prioritize everyone else, but that’s just not OK. For us to be the best moms we can be, we need to take care of ourselves too.

Although there are a lot of things we can do each day to prioritize ourselves, I personally think the three things that slide first are 1) exercise 2) healthy eating 3)self care. These little tips are just a few examples to get you thinking about yourself this fall. Although it’s great we can juggle so much as moms, we must never forget to take care of ourselves first.

Exercise: Mini Walks

There are a lot of ways to fit in more exercise. I actually wrote an article about 7 ways to fit in more exercise without going to the gym. But one of the absolutely best ways to fit in more exercise is to simply walk more. Park further away at the store, take the stairs at work, walk around your block or building a few times throughout the day. There are so many ways to walk more and that’s just one small step in keeping your exercise on track. Also, the more you exercise, the more energy you’ll actually have. On the days when I struggle to work out, I try to remind myself that I know I’ll feel better and more energetic afterward.

Healthy Eating: Grab a Healthy Lunch On The Go

It can be so difficult to eat well throughout the week if you don’t have time to pack a lunch or get to the store for fresh produce. Although I do try to pack my lunch and also work on weekend meal prep so I don’t have to cook too much during the week, there are still a lot of times when I don’t have enjoy time to make my lunch or dinner.

That’s why I love heading to Wendy’s because they have healthy options that are quick and tasty too. Wendy’s makes it easy to eat well with their new Harvest Chicken Salad. The Harvest Chicken Salad is made with flavors to help kick start fall-mode. Brown sugar walnuts and a drizzle of savory Marzetti® Simply Dressed® Apple Cider Vinaigrette will have you feeling like its fall, no matter where you are. The salad is topped with freshly grilled chicken, Applewood smoked bacon, feta cheese and slices of red and green apples, all paired with Wendy’s crisp signature lettuce blend. A full-size Harvest Chicken Salad contains ½ cup of fruit and 1 ¾ cups of vegetables per My Plate guidance – that’s over 2 cups of fruits and veggies in one salad.

Beginning on the first day of Fall (9/22), Wendy’s will give consumers the chance to experience the delicious tastes of fall for free! Get a free half-size Harvest Chicken Salad with the purchase of any menu item through the Wendy’s mobile app. This promotion will run until October 7 at participating Wendy’s.

Self Care: Pencil in Me-Time

Like a lot of women, I don’t have much down time. I tend to run from one thing to another with not much time to just chill. However, for my sanity, I have to carve out a little bit of me-time each day. For some people that might be meditating or reading a book. For me, it’s the 20 minutes before I go to sleep each night. I lay in my bed and scroll through my IG feed. I know that might not sound relaxing to you, but it is for me.

Everyone has their own ‘me time’ thing, and mine usually involves trashy TV or my IG feed. Either way, this is the time when I feel most relaxed and is a good time for me to recharge. I actually also find my exercise time also is really quality me-time. When I walk to/from work each day, listening to my music, it is some of the most relaxing time for me.

I hope these three little examples of how to take care of yourself this fall gets you to think about and prioritize your needs too. Yes, you’re a superstar mom. Your kids and family are so lucky to have you, but just make sure you’re taking care of you too!

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