6 Back-To-School Fall Fashion Trends for Kids

fall fashion trends for kidsAre you ready for back to school? I can’t believe my son starting kindergarten this year! We are (mostly) ready, but I did want to get them a few new things to kick of the start of the new school year. With back to school shopping in mind, here are 6 fall fashion trends for kids that I’m loving.

6 Fall Fashion Trends for Kids

1. Sweatshirt Dresses

One of the fall fashion trends for girls is dresses, especially shift-shaped dresses in sweatshirt material. My daughter recently got one in her KidBox and she LOVES it! It’s light blue with flowers on it and she seriously loved how soft it was. I love when she wears dresses, but she doesn’t like them if they are too stiff or restrictive. The sweatshirt material makes them perfect for her.

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2. Henley Tops

My son is not into button down shirts because they tend to be so stiff. However, he will totally wear a henley top because they are generally made out of comfortable t-shirt material anyway. I like henley tops because they look a little more preppy and put-together but still work with my son’s desire for comfort. A win-win if you ask me!

3. Berry Color

One of the major color trends for the fall is berry tones. My daughter got some adorable berry colored jeans in her KidBox and I love them because they also have adorable floral patches.

4. Military-Inspired

One of my favorite trends for the whole family, military-inspired is here to stay. Army green, camo, it’s definitely just as cool for kids as it is for us adults.  I actually just posted an army green dress a couple weeks back – the color is one of my favorites for fall.

5. Bold Graphics

You can’t go wrong with buying both your boy and girl bold graphics. My son was super excited about his graphic t. He actually chose it over all the other items we got him to model for us.

6. Well-Worn Denim

Another trend that totally works for the whole family, well-worn denim is cool for kids this fall. My kids aren’t huge denim fans, but this fall I’m going to try incorporating denim in other ways. Such as a denim jacket – they are always in-style.

These are just a few of my fall fashion trends for kids that I love. I hope you’re ready for back to school, but if you’re not, definitely check out KidBox and don’t forget to use code PoshInProgress to save $15!

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