Here are 5 Ideas for What to Wear to a Summer Wedding

what-to-wear-to-a-summer-wedding-02Are you headed to any summer weddings? If so, I’ve got you covered. I’ve chosen some of my favorite dresses for every type of wedding, so you’ll know what to wear to a summer wedding.

The dress I’m wearing could actually work for most types of weddings, except not for a formal evening event. To wear this at the beach, I’d add a sun hat, shades, and flip flops or espadrilles. For a garden wedding, I’d wear a wedge heeled sandal, throw on a shrug or cardigan, and also add some cute sunnies. As for a brunch wedding or evening casual wedding, I’d probably wear lower (1-2 inch) strappy heels, and add a fun statement necklace.

{Stacey’s Look: Ann Taylor Dress (similar, similar), Banana Republic Heels (similar, similar), Ann Taylor Earrings (similar), Vintage Chanel Purse (similar, similar), NYX Lips, Urban Decay Eyes}

The thing I love about my dress is just how versatile it is. It’s the type of dress that completely works for daytime, for work, but also can be dressed up for a night out. For work, I throw on a longer white blazer, or this trench, and for night, I throw on ultra-high heels and big earrings.

If you’re headed to a wedding this summer, here are my ideas for most types of weddings you might be attending. If you click on the images, you can actually shop the look.

Beach Wedding

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For a beach wedding, I’d go pretty casual with the dress. I think linen or cotton in lighter or brighter colors is perfect. Definitely look for flowy, natural materials. I’d either do a simple up-do, or wear my hair natural. At least for me, being by the ocean gives me a little natural wave, which is nice. For shoes, you might actually want to take them off while you’re on the beach, so I’d opt for either flat sandals or espadrilles. Heels won’t work, so don’t even try. This is the type of wedding where I actually think flip flops or casual sandals can work.\

Garden Wedding

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As for the dress, stick to lighter colors and flowy fabrics. Also keep it light on the makeup – think pinks and neutrals. As for your hair, also keep it pretty basic. A simple bun, pony, or wearing it down are all great. The shoes are the thing I’d be most concerned about. Opt for wedges or flat sandals. You don’t want to wear stilettos that get stuck in the grass. I made this mistake at a museum outdoor wedding I attended. Not only did I trash my heels, I kept getting stuck, which was super annoying and a tad embarrassing.

Evening Formal Wedding

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This is the time to break out the lace, the sequins, and the heavier makeup and higher heels. A formal or semi-formal wedding, you can’t really overdress. Feel free to go all-out and find a statement dress you love. You can also add sparkly heels, a metallic clutch, and even some blingy earrings or necklace. You can also add a bold lip or strong eye makeup. As for your hair, there’s no limit. Go big, go up-do, or keep it down with curls. Whatever you like.

If you’re not really into statement dresses, you can definitely wear your little black dress to a night-time wedding. I often do this so that I don’t have to spend too much on a dress I’ll wear one time. When I do opt for a classic black dress, I find ways to make the look still unique with a statement necklace, extra special-attention-getting heels, a bold colored handbag, and/or strong lips or eyes. That way, the look still feels special without spending a lot.

Brunch Wedding

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Much like a garden wedding, I’d wear a dress that feels very daytime. I’d stick with lighter colors (but please avoid white and ivory), in airy fabrics and I’d wear moderate to lower heels. Also go light on the jewelry and makeup. You should appear fresh, but not overdone. Avoid too bold of colors or patterns.

Evening Casual Wedding

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I recently had some friends who threw their wedding in a barn and another set of friends who had a wedding in the desert. If you’re headed to a wedding like this, than you can’t expect to wear your ultra-fancy lace dress and strappy 4 inch heels, you need something more practical and comfortable.

I hope my tips will help you prep for the summer wedding season so you’ll know exactly what to wear to a summer wedding. If you need any other styling tips, hit me up, I’d love to chat!



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