The Handkerchief Dress Trend Will Look Fantastic on You

handkerchief dress

The handkerchief dress trend is one I’m still not 100% sure I love. Sometimes, I think it’s just absolutely the cutest, and other times, I feel like Tinker Bell.  Not that there’s anything wrong with that. I just prefer to dress like a grown-up vs. a child-like fairy (lol).

But when I saw this dress (it’s under $30!), I decided to give this handkerchief dress a try. There were two major reasons this dress caught my attention. First, I really love the floral print on top of a black base. I also really love the tie at the waist. I have a pretty small waist to hip ratio, so any time I can accentuate my waist, I try to. Plus, the bottom is very much a-line so it floats away from my wide hips.

handkerchief dress

If you do opt for a dress like mine, with skinny straps, you’ve gotta wear your hair up. I personally love a woman’s décollage. An open neck and upper chest is just so sexy without being overly showy or too revealing. I paired my dress with bright pink shoes and my new purse from Gigi New York (c/o) that I’m obsessed with. The white crocodile embossed leather is so unique, but really perfect for spring. I can’t wait to wear this one all summer. You can get your own Gigi New York bag right now at 20% off! Here are the discount details:

Expires: 6/15/18
Discount: 20%

Another great thing about this trend is that there are lots of different styles of handkerchief dresses that can work with any woman’s figure. There are dresses with sleeves, without sleeves, longer, shorter, flowy, fitted, you name it. So no matter your shape, I do think this is a trend that can work for you.

To be honest with you, I still don’t always love the handkerchief dress trend, but there are exceptions to every fashion rule. This means, you’ve always got to try things, even if you don’t think you’ll love it.

All of the dresses I picked below, I love. I’m even considering ordering this one, but I’m not sure the really long length with work on me. If you do want to give the handkerchief dress trend a try, here are just some of the ones I found that I absolutely love.

handkerchief dress 3

{Stacey’s Look: Dress; Heels; Earrings; Necklace; Purse (c/o); Lipstick}

Handkerchief Dress Trend

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