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This is How to Rock Gold Statement Earrings

I’ve decided to take more fashion risks this year. Since having kids, I’ve realized I’ve been in quite a rut. Although I’ve always taken pride in looking my best, for the last couple years, I’ve been rocking basically the same style. I wear the same jewelry, never venturing into new territory, until I found these gold statement earrings.

Jewelry is one of the easiest ways to change up your look pretty dramatically without having to invest in all new clothes. I’m already a major fan of statement necklaces, but I haven’t really gotten into earrings. I received these gold statement earrings from Ettika (c/o) and when I put them on, I felt like my entire look had been transformed.

The main reason I haven’t been that into earrings is because they just aren’t that practical when you have very little kids. You definitely don’t want them pulling on the earrings. I also prefer to wear them for nights out or other special occasions. They feel a little over the top for my day job. Despite these hesitations, I’m really into gold statement earrings this year.

If you’re ready to try gold statement earrings for yourself, here are some of my favorite pair.

Check Out These Gold Statement Earrings

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