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12 Hostess Gift Ideas That She Will Love

What do you give someone who invites you to their house for a holiday party, or to the person who is hosting you for a holiday trip? It can be really tricky to decide what is appropriate, so I’ve come up with 12 hostess gift ideas to help you get ready for the holiday season.

We recently moved to a new town outside of Boston and my husband reconnected with a college friend. When they invited us over for dinner, I wasn’t sure what to bring. I was going to bring a bottle of wine, but to my utter shock, grocery stores in MA do not sell liquor (insert wide-eyed look of horror). Since we were already running late, I opted for a live flowering plant with festive fall flowers. Although it didn’t come in a nice vase, I still felt good about my selection. However, I definitely second-guessed if it was the right choice, although the hostess seemed pleased and grateful.

Despite my choice, I still wasn’t sure if the gift I bought was appropriate, which got me thinking. What is the right hostess gift? Is there a right gift? Probably not, but there are better options than others. Honestly, I think it depends on how well you know the hostess. If it is a new friend or relative stranger, a bottle of wine totally works. If you’ve known the hostess for years, if it’s a family member or a very close friend, then I think you need to put more thought into it.

If you’re looking for a DIY gift, you might like this crystal geode jewelry box, these chocolate peppermint biscotti, or homemade limoncello.

If you’re looking for hostess gift ideas this holiday season, here are 12 ideas to get your creative juices flowing to find the perfect gift for the hostess in your life.

12 Hostess Gift Ideas That She Will Love

1. Decorative Porcelain Tray

This beautiful porcelain tray from Galison features the designs of Frank Lloyd Wright. Trimmed with gold this tray is sure to brighten up your table. It comes with a gift box and is perfect to hold jewelry, change, or other little knick-knacks.

2. Monthly Wine Subscription

If your hostess friend is a major wine drinker, she will be very excited to get a monthly wine membership. I’m not that well versed in selecting wine, so I’d rely on this guide for some insights into the best wine clubs.

3. A Bouquet of Flowers in a Unique Vase

A lot of people bring flowers, but they often don’t consider bringing a vase. Although fresh flowers are such a nice touch, if your hostess is in the middle of cooking or entertaining, she’ll have to stop what she’s doing and scramble to try to find a vase. If you bring flowers in a vase, she won’t have to do anything, and she’ll have a reminder of your gift long after the flowers have died. Just make sure you choose a unique and special vase (like this or this).

4. Christmas Memories Book

This beautiful Christmas Memories Book is a place to gather all that holiday season means. It can keep records of guests, family, and the holiday celebrations—and a book that will keep the spirit of the holidays bright for years and generations to come.

5. Makeup Subscription Box

If you have a hostess in your life who loves makeup or loves trying new beauty products, you should consider giving them a makeup subscription box. Did you know there are at least 30 different makeup subscription boxes out there? I didn’t! I’ve only tried Birchbox myself, but it seems there are a lot of other options you could consider. I personally think makeup subscriptions are a lot of fun because you get something in the mail every month and you get to try lots of new products you’ve likely never heard of before.

6. Cute Apron

If your hostess is really into cooking or baking, you might want to get her a unique apron. As an avid baker myself, I’d love to get one of these cute aprons to wear when I’m around my house, and I bet it’s something your hostess probably doesn’t already own (I bake a lot, and I only have a couple really boring and plain aprons).

7. 2018 Desk Calendar

Even though a lot of people use online calendars or the calendars on their phone, it’s still nice to have a desk calendar. I love this 2018 desk calendar because it is so elegant, yet simple. There are 12 cards with original hand lettering and the calendar sits on a gold easel for an easy display on a desk, end table, or countertop makes a perfect hostess gift or for anyone who loves hand calligraphy.

8. Fun Cocktail Kit

You can get the party started with this adorable little gummy bear cocktail kit. It’s definitely unique and will be a conversation-starter if nothing else.

9. Decanter & Bottle of Alcohol

You can never go wrong with bringing a bottle of your (or the hostess’) favorite alcohol. But why not take it to the next level and bring a pretty decanter too. That way, your hostess will have a lasting memory of you that doesn’t go away when the bottle is empty.

10. Coaster Set (Buy or Make a DIY Version)

You can never go wrong with a gorgeous coaster set. If you’re crafty, you could also make a DIY version to bring with you. Here are 30 DIY coasters you could make.

11. A Set of Dessert Plates

A fun little gift idea that might be a surprise for your hostess, is a set of dessert plates, like these adorable gold polka dot ones. Although I don’t entertain that often, I’d still love to own a cute little set of plates to serve dessert on at the end of the party.

12. College Town Rocks Glasses

Just the other night, we were at the house of my husband’s friend from college for a holiday party. If I had the foresight, I would have ordered these college town rocks glasses. We spent so much of the night talking about our college town, so it would have been fun to have a gift like this to share with them.

These are just 12 fun and different hostess gift ideas you could consider this holiday season. I hope you find these ideas useful. What did I miss? Do you have other things you love to give as hostess gifts?

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