You Need to See These 6 Fall Handbag Trends

You Need to See These 6 Fall Handbag TrendsHave you checked out all of the fall handbag trends yet? If not, you’re in luck. I did a bunch of research and found the best picks for 6 of the major trends this season.

I’m in a bit of a handbag rut. In my 20s, I spent a lot of time thinking about, researching, buying and selling handbags (I have over 500 transactions on eBay). I loved it. I found it so much fun to spend time on TPF (you know what that is if you’re really into bags), to find great deals on eBay, and then to resell bags for a profit (when I didn’t end up falling in love and keeping them).

Here’s the catch – my love of handbags hasn’t faded, but I have absolutely no time to think about them. I end up carrying the same bag for weeks, if not months on end. I still have a decent collection, but they don’t feel that special anymore.

During naptime last weekend, I finally had a good reason to think about handbags. For this story, I spent time researching fall handbag trends. To my delight, the trends this fall are funky, colorful, and definitely edgy. No more boring black handbags. This fall, it’s all about color, bling, embellishments, prints, and even words and massive logos.

Of all the fall handbag trends, my favorites are definitely the graphic prints and the embellished straps. I definitely won’t be rocking a fur or fake fur purse and I won’t be investing in a crazy expensive bag with a giant logo on it. But some of the other trends are right up my alley. I love structured bags, I’m obsessed with all the embellished straps, and I really hope I can find a boldly printed bag to add to my, otherwise, fairly boring bag collection.

Which trend are you going to try this fall?

6 Fall Handbag Trends to Try

Embellished Straps

Clutches for Daytime

Structured Shapes

Graphic Prints


Loud Brand Logos

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