9 Moving and Packing Hacks that Will Make Your Move Easier

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9 moving and packing hacks that will make your move easierThere are so many different things you need to plan and think about when you’re planning a move.  Our cross-country move to Boston could have been very overwhelming, but I found so many great resources online to help me organize for the move. If you’re moving, here are some of the best moving and packing hacks to prepare for the big move.

9 Moving and Packing Hacks

1. The Ultimate Moving Checklist

To get prepared for our move, I referred to this comprehensive moving checklist. It lays out everything you need to do to get ready for your move. It even details the things you should do two months out, six weeks out, and each week leading up to your move. I found this moving checklist super helpful when planning for our move.pop, mlmnb564

2. Packing Materials You Need

When it comes to preparing for the packing process, I try not to spend too much money on packing materials. Honestly, I’m cheap when it comes to that. This time around, we still had boxes from a previous move. However, I did need to buy packing tape and I bought a roll of bubble wrap to protect some of our furniture. The movers we hired provided the wrap for the furniture. This is a good resource for deciding what packing materials you might need.

3. Where to Find Free Moving Boxes

There are a lot of places to find free boxes. Recently, one of my Facebook friends posted asking for free boxes, and sure enough, a bunch of people had boxes laying around. Many grocery stores and department stores will give away boxes after their inventory is unboxed. You can also check out your local moving truck stores. For example, U-Haul has a designated area where people can donate boxes.

4. Purge Your Home in Advance

If you’re moving, a great packing hack is to clean out and purge your home before the move. Why would you want to pack and move things you don’t even want anymore? Take the time to clean out your home, donate to your local Good Will, list items on Craig’s List, or have a garage sale. Here are some tips on purging your home before you pack.

5. How to Pack Clothes for Moving

Don’t even think about buying wardrobe boxes! They are super expensive and really unnecessary. I use medium or large sized shipping boxes, take my clothes on the hanger and fold it in half and place it in the box, still on its hanger. When I get to my new home, I just open the box, pull the items right out and hang them in the closet. Nearly all of the items stayed on their hanger – only a few had to be rehung. Plus, I saved a bunch of money by not spending it on wardrobe boxes.

6. Ideas for Moving Pictures

Just like with wardrobe boxes, I hardly ever buy picture frame boxes. They are also expensive and not that effective. I prefer to use medium boxes and bedding in between the pictures to protect them. Just like with dishes, I wrap blankets, sheets, and pillow cases around the pictures and stack them on top of each other. I didn’t break any pictures on this move either.

7. Tips for Moving Furniture Safely

When I move wood furniture, I use comforters and blankets to protect them. I usually buy a roll of that plastic wrap, put the blanket on top of the furniture, and wrap it tightly around the furniture. Using thick blankets and comforters keeps the furniture from getting scratched.

For all other furniture, I use the plastic wrap. Sometimes, I’ll place a sheet or towel over areas I want to protect. For our couches, we just used the plastic wrap and it worked perfectly.

8. How to Move House Plants

Until this trip, I never thought about moving plants. However, we had a really cute cactus I wanted to take. Lucky for me, my husband drove, so he placed the cactus in a box and kept it in the back seat. However, if you want to move plants in a truck, here is a genius tip for moving house plants.

9. Free Address Change E-Cards

Now that you’re moved, you might want to tell people (or not J). If you do want to update people on your new address, here is a nifty place to send free e-cards with your address change.

I hope these 9 moving and packing hacks help you on your next move. Moving can be very stressful and challenging, but hopefully, these tips will make it easier this time around.


  1. Geez, we bought a box for pictures but need more so I am going to use your hint. And, take towels or blankets and put them on the edges of the furniture we have left. Thank you, very much, for your hints. I, very much, appreciate them.

  2. Moving is painful. I know… I’ve moved a lot. And it was so painful that I’ve dedicated my life to making it easier. You have shared very good ideas about moving and packing. As a self storage company, we hear about the pains of moving all the time. Thanks for sharing the great information. Good Luck!

  3. Thank you so much for posting these fabulous and absolute tips!
    The packing charges can be huge. Usually, the packing service is included in the packing material costs when the movers do that for you. If you decide to pack by yourself, make sure you have adequate packing materials (moving boxes of different sizes, bubble wrap, packing paper, packing tape and so on) and start the time-consuming packing process as early as possible so that you are completely ready before moving day knocks on your door.

  4. This. Is. Amazing! Thanks for taking the time to make these check-list. I would also add that if you have young kids to keep their toys and other things to keep them occupied close at hand or at least the last few things loaded into your moving van/truck, for easy access when you arrive. It will save you a lot of grief!

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