27 Fun and Free Outdoor After School Activities for Kids

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Do you struggle to get your kids enough outdoor play time now that school is back in session? I’m glad my kids are still in preschool, so they get a lot of free play and outdoor time. However, I still want to ensure they get a lot of outdoor time. It is proven that kids who get more outdoor time do better in school (here are other benefits of kids being outside).

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Despite healthy snacks, I still want to ensure my kids get enough outdoor play time each day. I created this list of 27 fun and (mostly) free outdoor after school activities to keep kids active.

27 Outdoor After School Activities for Kids

1. Play Catch

2. Play with Side Walk Chalk

3. Throw a Frisbee

4. Blow Bubbles

5. Walk Your Dog (or your Neighbor’s dog)

6. Play Tag

7. Create and Play Hopscotch

8. Play Simon Says

9. Kick a Soccer Ball Around

10. Play Red Light Green Light

11. Have Sprint Races

12. Fly a Kite

13. Play Kick the Can

14. Create and Play Four Square

15. Learn to Ride a Skateboard

16. Search for Bugs

17. Go on a Hike (or Walk in your Neighborhood)

18. Start a Game of Red Rover with Neighborhood Friends

19. Play Duck Duck Goose

20. Go on a Treasure Hunt

21. Find Shapes in the Clouds

22. Search for Wild Flowers

23. Go Bird Watching (and make a DIY Bird Feeder)

24. Make a Bike Obstacle Course

18. Ride Bikes or Scooters

26. Create a Chalk Bullseye Game

27. Play Frisbee Tick Tac Toe

What are your favorite after school activities to get your kids outside?

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