3 Reasons You Need to Wear a Blush Pink Dress

Do you hold onto clothes you love, even if you think it might be outdated? I tend to rotate through my clothes pretty quickly, although I hold onto shoes, bags and accessories for years. On occasion though, I find a piece that I love so much I hold onto it for years. A lot of times, the color or the fit might not be current. But trends always come back around. My blush pink dress is a perfect example.

1. You Can Keep it for Years

I bought this dress in the mid-2000s when I worked retail at Banana Republic during grad school. I loved the dress because of the unique neckline and the blush pink dress color was very flattering on my olive skin tone. I also love this dress because of the material. It is a cotton blend, so it doesn’t wrinkle, it always holds its shape, and it is also extremely comfortable.

This blush pink dress has been on standby in my closet for a long time. I break it out every now and then. I wore it in 2015 when I went to Paris. I was super excited to see that blush pink is a major color trend again this year. I’ve noticed so many great blush pink pieces.

{Stacey’s Look: Banana Republic Dress (similar); 7 Charming Sisters Necklace; Chloe Handbag; Prada Heels (similar)}

2. Blush Pink Works Well on Most Skin Tones

The thing I love about the color is that it really does work year-round, and the color works on most skin tones. If you don’t love how blush pink looks against your skin, you could also try adding pops of blush with accessories. I’m currently obsessed with this bag, although I haven’t pulled the trigger on it.

3. There are So Many Good Blush Pink Dresses to Choose From

blush pink dressI’m pretty excited just how many great blush pink options are out there right now. If you’re loving the blush pink trend as much as I am, here are some or my current favorites.


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