Can You Improve Your Skin in 28 Days?

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Can you improve your skin in 28 days?

Can you improve your skin in 28 days? Olay asked me to participate in their 28-day study and it was intriguing. I already have a pretty regimented skin care routine, so I was doubtful if I’d see much improvement, but I wanted to give it a try.

To begin, I used the Olay Skin Advisor tool. This tool analyses your skin for you and tells you which products you should use. On your mobile device, you should snap a picture of yourself without makeup and upload the image to the app. The Skin advisor will analyze your color, eye lines, wrinkles and more, giving you an age estimate. Then, the tool will specify which products will be best for your skin care needs.

When I used the tool, it told me to use these products: Regenerist Luminous Tone Perfecting Cream; Luminous Miracle Boost Concentrate; Luminous Brightening Foam Cleanser and Ultimate Eye cream. I opted to use the first three products and didn’t use the eye cream. I purchased all of the products at my local Walmart store.

The analysis tool was very simple to use and super user-friendly. It was also fun to see the results and which products they suggested for my skin type. I was able to select the level of hydration I prefer, specify which area of my face bothers me the most. and also select whether the product would have fragrance. It is a very smart tool that couldn’t be easier to use.

Can you improve your skin in 28 days?My biggest skin issue is the hyperpigmentation from too much time in the sun. The products the tool selected for me are best for assisting with uneven skin tone, so I was excited to give them a try. For the last 6 weeks, I’ve been using the three products I mentioned above. Although Olay promises you’ll see results in 28 days, I happen to have more time to try out the products. For the first four weeks, I was very diligent about applying all three products. Once the 28 days were up, I started slowly slacking, and haven’t used the Tone Perfecting Cream every day.

So can you improve your skin in 28 days? Maybe. I definitely noticed my skin felt more hydrated; I don’t have many fine lines, so that isn’t something I can really discuss. Although I haven’t seen improvements in my deep lines, I also didn’t expect to. Those types of lines would require a filler or botox. What I have noticed is that my unevenness has improved slightly.  It isn’t as dramatic as I’d hoped, but I have noticed generally more even skin.

The best part of the 28-day study was a greater awareness of my skin care routine and the types of products that work best for my skin. Sometimes, I get lazy about applying the products I have. Using the skin care analysis and knowing what works best for me was really helpful and motivating to take the best care of my skin that I can.

If you’re not sure what works best for your skin or you have an area that you’re hoping to improve, I definitely encourage you to try out the Olay Skin Advisor Tool for yourself. You might be surprised at what area of your skin they think you should target, I know I was!



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