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12 Creative Peanut Butter and Jelly Desserts You Need to Try

It’s National PB & J day on Sunday! So in honor of PB & J day, I had to share some of the amazing peanut butter and jelly desserts I rounded up.

Who doesn’t love PB & J, well, besides my son. Seriously, I can’t believe my son doesn’t love peanut butter (he will eat a jelly-only sandwich). My husband gives me the hardest time about my love of peanut butter. He says, “you Vicarios and your peanut butter.” Vicario is my family name, and my family loves PB just as much as I do. My hubby started joking with me after he noticed my dad ordered PB at a restaurant to put on his toast. My hubby was like, who does that?! Well, the Vicarios do.

I’ve tried my hand at making a PB&J dessert before when I tried these PB&J scones. They were pretty awesome. But I was shocked to see so many peanut butter and jelly dessert recipes. First, I was pretty impressed with the creativity of all these bloggers. Second, man, I really want to try all of these, like, right now!

12 Peanut Butter and Jelly Desserts Recipes

1. Donuts – Heather Christo
2. Cupcakes – Created by Diane
3. Snack Bars – Minimalist Baker
4. Bars – Barefoot Contessa
5. Cups – Homemade Charlotte
6. Smoothy – The Greedy Vegan
7. Cookie Cups – Liv for Cake
8. Cheese Cake – Will Cook for Smiles
9. Thumbprint Cookies – Texanerin Baking
10. Granola – Averie Cooks
11. Cobbler – Taste of the South
12. Cookie Sandwiches – Chef Savvy

Do you have any favorite peanut butter and jelly desserts I missed?

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  • looks like a delicious PBJ line up!