My 10 Favorite Maxi Dresses Currently on Sale


There are a lot of great summer sales happening right now. It is the perfect time to find great pieces you can transition into your fall wardrobe, like maxi dresses. Unlike a lot of summer clothing, maxi dresses are a style you can wear year-round. For one, the full-length adds much-needed coverage for the cooler months, but the light-weight materials are also airy for the warmer months.

I personally love wearing maxi dresses because they are super comfortable and I always feel really feminine when I wear them. If you’re looking for some great deals, here are 10 maxi dresses I love and I’m also sharing tips on how to style them so you can wear them all year long.

10 Maxi Dresses On Sale

If you find maxi dresses on sale that you like but you’re unsure of how to style it, here are my styling tips for each season.


{Stacey’s Look: LOFT Dress (on sale!); Anthropologie Scarf (similar); Chloe Purse; Merona Sandals; Banana Republic Necklace (similar); Ann Taylor Bracelet (similar)}

Styling a Summer Maxi Dress

Styling your maxi dress in summer is a no-brainer. Throw on a pair of flip flops, wedge sandals or evening heels. You most likely do not need a jacket or shawl since the weather is likely warm. If it does get cooler where you live, throw on a lightweight shawl or wrap to provide a little warmth.

my-10-favorite-maxi-dresses-currently-on-sale-06Styling a Fall Maxi Dress

For the fall months, you can still wear your maxi dress by adding short booties and throwing a cropped cardigan or a long sweater over your dress. I also like to style maxi dresses with close-fitting blazers, as I think the flowy feel of the dress with the structured blazer looks really chic.

my-10-favorite-maxi-dresses-currently-on-sale-04Styling a Winter Maxi Dress

Winter is probably the toughest time to wear a maxi dress, but it is not impossible. First, you’ll probably want some tights for warmth. Then, you can wear booties or even mid-calf boots, as long as they are sleek and not too clunky. You can wear layers with a bulky sweater on top or a button down shirt that you tie in a knot around your waist. I tend to stick to maxi dresses in the winter only as formal wear, because it is common to wear formal wear with bare arms and shoulders, even in the winter. But if you do want to wear your lightweight maxi dress in the winter, it can be done by layering like crazy and finding the right tight/boot combination that doesn’t overwhelm the dress. Take some risks!

maxi dressesStyling a Spring Maxi Dress

Once winter is over, it feels a lot simpler to style a maxi dress. Throw on some flats, booties, or even sandals (if the weather is warm enough), and a lightweight wrap, sweater or jacket, and you’re good to go! Basically, you would follow the same rules for summer or fall, depending on the weather and how you like to wear your maxi dress.

What’s your favorite way to style a maxi dress? Did you find any good summer sales?

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