4 Things That Will Make You Consider Wedge Sneakers

4 things that will make you consider wedge sneakersWedge sneakers have been around for a few years, so I’m a little late to the game of actually owning a pair. I know some blogs and fashion sites say they are out of style, but I think every girl should own a pair of high-top wedge gym shoes for these four reasons.

1. Wedge Tennis Shoes are Comfortable AND Stylish

The number one reason to wear wedge gym shoes is that they are ultra-comfortable. They are shoes you can wear them to walk around for hours without your feet hurting. Not only are they comfortable, but they are stylish! If you plan to travel this summer, I highly suggest you pack a pair of wedge sneakers over your chucks or boring running shoes, as high-top tennis shoes look way more put together and modern than the other sneaker options.

4 things that will make you consider wedge sneakers
Stacey shows how wedge tennis shoes add a ton of style to casual outfits.

2. The Athleisure Trend is Here to Stay

Whether you like the athleisure trend or not, it’s here to stay. I’m not saying you should run around in your gym clothes all-day, every-day, but most people have embraced a more casual (and hopefully stylish) vibe to their clothing. Athleisure wear can be very cool if you style it right and choose interesting pieces. Your plain black yoga pants and a plain ribbed tank top won’t cut it. Here are some athleisure styling tips from Vogue. Wedge sneakers go great with leggings and can instantly elevate your athleisure wear by adding height and an urban edge.

4 things that will make you consider wedge sneakers

3. Wedge tennis shoes are Versatile

High-top wedge basketball shoes look great with leggings, but they also look super cute with skinny jeans, ankle-length pants, and shorts. I love how they look with cut-offs. If you’re really adventurous, you might try pairing high-top wedges with a pencil skirt or summer dress. I personally like to wear mine with skinny jeans. Sometimes, I’ll add a cuff, other times, I’ll keep them longer.

4 things that will make you consider wedge sneakers

4. High-Top Wedge Gym Shoes Add Height

I love the height that heels and wedges add to my frame. Any time you appear taller, it has a slimming effect. I love to wear heels, but I don’t find them very comfortable. High-top wedge sneakers are a much more comfortable way to add height while still maintaining the comfort of sneakers.

4 things that will make you consider wedge sneakers

{Stacey’s Look: Nike Wedge Sneakers (similar); Old Navy Jeans; Banana Republic T-Shirt; Urban Outfitters Sweat Shirt (similar); Sophie Hulme Purse (similar); Ray-Ban Sunglasses; Essie Nail Polish}

Here are some of my current favorite wedge sneakers:

Which is your favorite?


  1. Tonya Rewti says:

    Hi I am late to the trend too, but I don’t care. I ABSOLUTELY love mine! I’m sure they’re a knock off of some brand..They’re taupe with no laces and elastic across the front! They elevate my dressy casual work style. They’re edgy and fun to wear and ohhhh so comfy!!!!

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