Wool Fedora

wool-fedora-04Wide brimmed wool hats are the must-wear fashion accessory for winter. Even the Wall Street Journal says they have replaces scarves as the accessory of the moment. I like wearing fedoras in the warmer months, so this winter I decided to try out my first wool fedora.

wool-fedora-02I personally like the wide-brimmed, wool fedora look because I think it has a retro but classic feel. When I watch Downton Abbey, I always love how the women wear hats. I think it’s about time women rock hats like they did back then.

{Stacey’s Look: Merona Hat; GUESS Coat (similar); Jennifer Meyer Necklace}

wool-fedora-01I love this grey wool fedora because I think gray really complements brunette hair like mine. I also love the brown suede detail around the hat for a little extra style.

If you’re in the market to try out a fedora this winter, here are some of my current favorites:

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