Red A-Line Dress

You know that one item in your closet that you wear and instantly feel fabulous? Well, for me, that’s my little red a-line dress. We know that red is color that elicits power and confidence. It makes you feel sexy and the opposite sex finds red appealing. If these things actually make you shy away from red. Stop it! Everyone should wear red.

The best part about a red a-line dress over another style of dress is that a-line dresses accentuate your waist-line while floating away from fuller hips or thighs, which is why I’m such a fan of this style. Don’t believe me? Here’s why a-line looks good on all women.

When I put on this specific red a-line dress, I immediately stand up straighter, feel more confident, and yes, feel sexy. When I wore this dress, husband echoed my own internal sense of confidence with some comment about how great I looked. Yes, he is my husband and has to be nice. At times, he can be complementary, but this dress elicited a stronger response than most things I wear.

How do you feel about wearing red? Do you shy away from wearing red or do you break it out for important meetings and events for a confidence kick?

{My Look: Dress – Banana Republic (similar); Heels – Paul Andrew (similar); Necklace – Zoe Chicco; Clutch – Lanvin (similar)}

If you’re in the market, here are a few more red a-line dresses I love:

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