Trendy Back to School Clothes

trendy-back-to-school-clothes I’m a total school nerd. Growing up, I loved school and I still love school (I work at a university). I also loved summer breaks, but I always looked forward to getting ready for another year to start in school. I looked forward to back to school shopping so much–I used to make up lists of items I needed to buy (pink trapper-keeper, check).

School supplies is one thing, but buying trendy back to school clothes was always at the top of my list. I would hit up Maurices, Vanity, Abercrombie–you know, all those stores that were ‘cool’ in the 90s. I actually can’t believe some of the outfits I put together — can we talk about my pink tight-rolled leggings, giant navy blue sweater with multi-colored stars, and strange giant pink headband?

My fashion savvy has improved over the years, so I pulled some of my current favorite trendy back to school clothes that I would love to own this back to school season. What pieces are you craving this fall?

a. Backpack – The Row
b. Coat – Miu Miu
c. Skirt – Tamara Mellon
d. Boots – Aquazzura
e. Lunch Box (Blue Bike) – So Young
f. Jeans – Saint Laurent
g. Sweater – Alexander McQueen
h. Sneakers – Jimmy Choo
i. Dress – Fendi


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