Toddler Girl Summer Clothes Under $20

toddler-girl-clothes-under-20-dollarsI’m a bad mommy. I dress my daughter in her brother’s hand-me-downs. The shock, the horror, the embarrassment! In all seriousness, I only put her in his old jeans (that appear unisex) and his old pajamas (yes, they have trucks and dinosaurs on them, but no one sees her but me and her dad).

I admit I’m probably being a bit cheap when it comes to her clothes because she’s only a little over a year old and I guess I don’t think it’s nearly that important right now if she’s wearing a couple hand-me-downs, but I know there is going to come a time (very soon) when I won’t want her wearing his old tattered clothes and pjs.  Plus, it doesn’t seem quite fair that the first born son gets all spanking new clothes while the daughter gets old (often masculine) clothes.

Since it’s about time I find some cute things for my daughter, I rounded up some of my favorite toddler girl summer clothes under $20.

1. Dress – H & M
2. Dress – Penelope
3. Top – Pumpkin Patch
4. One Piece – Old Navy
5. Shorts – Gap
6. Two-Piece – H & M
7. Romper – Joe Fresh
8. Fedora – Old Navy
9. Swimsuit – Gap
10.Shoes – Old Navy

Please tell me I’m not alone in dressing my daughter in boys hand-me-downs…right?!?

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