Practical or Posh: Blue Crossbody Bag

blue-crossbody-bagI mentioned I’ve been traveling a lot for work lately. I have my go-to Balenciaga day bag that I bring on all my trips, but she’s getting worn out. Crossbody bags are the best option for travel because you can sling across your body and still manage to pull your carry-on bag and your laptop bag easily.

I haven’t found a crossbody bag I love. I tried this one, but I found it didn’t hold enough for my daily life. Plus, I’m tired of black handbags. I want something fun and vibrant for spring.

When I saw this Mackage blue crossbody bag, I instantly fell for the silver hardware and interesting shape. It has the versatility of a cross-body bag, but the high-end style of a shoulder bag. At almost $500, this bag isn’t outrageously expensive, but still an investment piece that I’d have to save up to buy. If you don’t mind faux leather, at almost 80% less, this Danielle Nicole version is similar in color and the hardware details and shape are interesting.

Top – Danielle Nicole – $78

Bottom – Mackage – $495

I’m still in search of the perfect crossbody bag. Do you have one you love that I should try?

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