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Resale Shopping Online

Since today is Earth Day, I wanted to share with you why I love to shop resale. There are three main reasons I shop pre-loved clothes, shoes and accessories — it’s good for the environment, for my finances, and allows me to get designer duds at a deep discount.

When you think about used clothes, you might think about donating to a charity, like Goodwill or the Salvation Army. But used clothing, shoes and accessories is not just about cleaning out your well-worn or too small clothes, used clothing has become a very profitable business that also happens to be economically and environmentally friendly.

So it might be obvious, but buying gently loved, pre-owned clothing, shoes and accessories is an awesome way to save a lot of money while still getting brand named items at a fraction of the price. I’ve mentioned my love of eBay before, but I also love high-end resale websites where you can find lightly used (or sometimes brand new) items for a steal.

What you might not know — buying used clothing, shoes and accessories is actually good for the environment. Why? Because producing clothing uses a lot of energy. Take a basic cotton shirt. Farmers have to grow that cotton, which requires water and heavy machinery, which uses fossil fuels. Once the cotton is grown and picked, it has to be processed through a facility that also uses energy. Plus, a lot of clothing manufacturers use harsh chemicals to create textiles, which is horrible for the environment. Producing new products wastes a lot of energy, water, natural resources and peoples’ time. Plus, most consumers throw away their stuff quickly, and it ends up in overflowing landfills.

Reusing clothing, buying re-owned clothing, is a smart financial and environmental choice. I first started buying lightly used shoes and purses from eBay, but now I try to buy pre-owned whenever I can. Initially, I chose to buy resale so I could get higher-end brands for a great price. Now that I’ve learned a lot more about the environmental benefits, it has given me even more incentive.

The best part about today’s reused clothing is that you don’t have to settle for old or tattered pieces, you can find ultra high-end items. Check out the three looks I put together using resale clothing, shoes and accessories. If you’re interested in checking out resale shopping online, here are some of the sites I visit regularly.

The Real Real
Yoogi’s Closet
Bag Borrow or Steal

Shorts Look (above)

Necklace – Mawi
Top – Tibi
Clutch – Rebecca Minkoff
Shorts – Gryphon
Heels – Maison Martin Margiela

Midi Dress Look 

Earrings – Lanvin
Dress – Clover Canyon
Bracelet – TOMTOM
Crossbody Bag – Celine
Shoes – Robert Clergerie

Red Dress Look 

Sunglasses – Dolce and Gabbana
Ring – David Yurman
Dress – Parker
Purse – Givenchy
Pumps – Chanel

Do you shop resale? Do you have a favorite site to shop I didn’t mention?

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