Practical or Posh: Black Ripped Skinny Jeans

If there is one fashion trend that I’ve seen on nearly every fashion blogger, it is ripped skinny jeans—black, white, blue, you pick. Scrolling through my Instagram feed, it seems like all I see is ripped jeans. I thought the trend would die out by now. But when I saw this article about fifty spring street style looks, I realized this trend will be hanging around for awhile.

It’s like ripped, tattered and frayed jeans everywhere! I’ll be honest, I’ve tried on ripped jeans, and I like the look. I haven’t bought a pair because I can’t really make ripped jeans work in most aspects of my life. I could save them for the weekends, but I definitely can’t wear them to my day job, even on casual Fridays.

I do love black ripped skinny jeans though. They give a little rocker vibe and they are super flattering, even on curvy girls. If you’re interested in trying out black ripped skinny jeans, I’ve pulled a couple of pairs—the ultra high-end J. Brands, or for 75% less, check out these Boohoos.

Left – J Brand – $218

Right – Boohoo – $44

What do you think about the ripped jeans trend?



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