My New Layered Bob

layered bob haircut


You know when you reach that point with trying to grow out your hair where you just can’t take it anymore? I reached that breaking point last week. I was tired of trying to grow out my bangs, layers, and blondish highlights. My hair looked so limp, so lifeless, just so blah.

So I called my favorite stylist and left a desperate voicemail asking if he could squeeze me in for a haircut ASAP. Thankfully, had a cancelation so was able to get me in and worked his magic.

When I arrived, I showed him some of my favorite haircut and hair color Pinterest pins I’ve collected over the years. We decided on taking off some length, adding some layers, and incorporating some highlights.

I have super fine and thin hair that has a slight wave to it. I’ve found over the years that my hair looks fuller when it’s shorter. Layers add more volume to my hair and bangs help to balance my face and draw attention towards my eyes. For the color, he chose golden coppery highlights, which help to add some dimension and depth to my thin hair.

I’m super happy with the results. My layered bob hairstyle has so much more volume, movement, and personality than my drab, boring grow-out attempt in the before shot. I need to look back at these before and after photos the next time I start growing out my bangs and layers again. Boring, drab hair should not be an option.

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