8 Homemade Hot Chocolate Recipes

homemade-hot-chocolate-recipes-01My new office gives us unlimited hot drinks. Most days, I stick with my favorite earl gray, but the past couple afternoons, I’ve indulged by sipping a couple pre-packaged hot chocolates. Those little packets bring back memories of building snow forts and giant snowmen in my front yard.

I loved playing in the snow as a kid. After many hours outside, I’d tromp inside, rip off my soggy snow pants and pink rubber moon boots, and ask my mom if I could have a hot chocolate, always with marshmallows.

You know how certain foods just remind you of good times? Hot chocolate takes me back. I think it’s that warm feeling as I swallow that is so comforting. I do like the pre-packaged stuff just fine, but it’s probably time I venture into making homemade hot chocolate. I actually can’t believe I’ve never made it before, but the fact that it’s 75 in Phoenix today probably has something to do with it.

For those of you in colder climates who’ve been battling the snow and cold, or for anyone who likes a hot chocolate fix for some warmth and comfort, check out these really delicious looking homemade hot chocolate recipes I’m dying to try.

Salted Caramel – Sugar Hero
Nutella – The Hungry Housewife
Pumpkin – The Marvelous Misadventures of a Foodie
Mexican Spiced – Gimme Some Oven
Kahlua – Damn Delicious
Lavender – Freut Cake
Peanut Butter – It’s a Flavorful Life
Peppermint – Blahnik Baker

What is your favorite homemade hot chocolate recipe?

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