Short Hair Trend: The Chin-Length Bob

chin-length-bob-00Short hair is in for spring. Everything from the asymmetrical pixie cut, to the chin-length bob, or the longer shoulder length lob, short hair is everywhere. Even if you aren’t willing to go short, bangs and shorter layers can give your hair a shorter feel without taking the plunge of chopping it all off.

I’ve tried short hair before, and even rocked a terrible above-the-ears bowl cut in middle school. I decided it was time to go short again because I lost so much hair after the birth of my son. Some women lose a lot of hair around three months after the birth of their children, and I happen to be one of those lucky ladies. A chin-length bob haircut would be a preemptive strike against this future hair loss.

Lucky for me, I tend to look better with shorter hair anyway because I have a long face. Anything too long or too short elongates my face even more. A chin-length bob is a great solution for me because it is flattering for my face shape and it grows out really well. Even if I don’t get it cut for several months, it still looks good. If you are going to try a bob, I suggest opting for a fairly simple bob with some layers, nothing too dramatic that requires major styling and upkeep.

chin-length-bob-PINAs for color, I wanted to add some dimension and lightness to my naturally dark brown hair, but I didn’t want to see the grown out roots that happen if I don’t re-highlight every couple months. My stylist had the perfect trick for me. He highlighted my hair all over, coloring very fine sections of hair at a time. Then, he took the hair on either side of my part line and colored that a darker chocolate brown, close to my natural color. Having this panel of darker hair fall over all of the highlights means that I will have no outgrowth, no obvious highlight marks as my hair grows out.

I really love my new haircut. It is very low maintenance, fast to wash and blow dry, and doesn’t require very many products to look put together. In case you missed it, here are my tips to get the haircut you asked for.

What hairstyles are you loving for spring? Will you be making a major hair change like me? I’d love to hear about it!

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