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Drugstore Beauty Products Under $9

I’ve tried a lot of creams, gels, lotions and cleansers in my day, everything from La Mer to Walmart brands. Although I don’t doubt that some of the fancier and more expensive options can do wonders for our skin, I have found a few reasonably priced drugstore beauty products that keep my skin clear (expect those darn pregnancy hormonal effects), well moisturized, and as young-looking as possible with each passing year.

Read on to find out about the current drugstore cleansers and moisturizers I’m using, all under $9.00.
1. Morning CleanserNeutrogena Ultra Gentle Daily Cleanser – $8.49

I had a coupon for this cleanser so I gave it a try. I love how gentle it is and it leaves my skin smooth without feeling dry.

2. Morning Facial MoisturizerL’Oreal Paris Ideal Moisture Day Lotion – $6.99

This is a great pick for an inexpensive day lotion.  It goes on very smooth and has an SPF 25, which is very important for skin protection.  I use it generously on my neck and chest and lightly on my face as a base under my spot corrector and under eye concealer.

3. Morning Body MoisturizerEucerin Daily Protect SPF 15 – $7.89

I’ve only found two drug-store body lotions with SPF in them.  Although I would love it even more if this lotion had an SPF 30, I still like the feeling of a light layer of sun protection for daily use.  I use this as a full body moisturizer right out of the shower after a quick towel dry to try and lock in the moisture.  I like this lotion because it is light enough that I don’t have to wait very long to get dressed, but its heavy enough to moisturize my dry legs and arms.  It’s a perfect unscented all-over moisturizer.

1. Evening CleanserUp & Up Deep Cream Cleanser – $4.38 (price varies;  see store for details)

This is the perfect evening cleanser when I feel like I’ve accumulated a lot more grime throughout the day, and to remove my makeup.  It contains salicylic acid, which is great for acne control and it leaves my skin feeling extremely clean.

2. Evening Facial Moisturizer – Equate Face & Neck Cream – $7.87

Even though this is listed as a day-time moisturizer, I like it for nighttime because its thick and rich and ultra moisturizing.  I find it too heavy for day since my skin errs on the side of combination to oily.

3. Evening Under Eye MoisturizerEquate Beauty Reviving Anti-Wrinkle & Firming Eye Cream – $7.87

Since my mid-20s, the area under my eyes has most captured my attention.  Its where I’ve noticed the most wrinkles and thinning of my skin, so I always try to be very gentle and I love this under eye cream because of how rich and thick it is.

Absent from this list is the Retin-A I use at night, which I cannot currently use since I’m pregnant.  Retinol is the gold standard anti-aging product for cell renewal and building collagen (talk to your dermatologist for a prescription, or look for over-the-counter products that contain retinoids).

I would also like to add a serum to my evening routine, but will wait until after the baby is born since anti-aging products are a no-no while pregnant.   Are there any serums you love? I’m also still on the hunt for a day time body lotion with an SPF 30, that isn’t a sunscreen, any suggestions?

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