Practical or Posh: Black Quilted Leather Jacket


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Most leather jackets, if not too stylized, can last for years.  Leather clothing, shoes and handbags are one area of fashion where I would favor spending a bit more for the higher quality leather in lieu of a savings.  Quality leather is going to age better and stay luxurious as time passes.  Cost notwithstanding, you can often find quality pieces that won’t break the bank quite as much.

I am a fan of the leather bomber trend that has come back around this season.  And I prefer these quilted varieties because they look a little more grown-up and not nearly as casual.  Black leather is always classic and versatile.  Both versions are nearly identical at first glance.  You will find the differences come in the quality of the leather, hardware and stitching.  The Lot78 version has a closer and puffier quilting detail and they use sheep’s leather. If you are willing to sacrifice a bit on the quality of the leather and construction, you can score a two-thirds savings in price with the Topshop version.


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