Practical or Posh: White Sheath Dress

Adrianna Pappell vs. Michael Kors

Nothing says summer to me quite like a crisp white dress.   White is one of those colors that fashion police have almost made a crime any other time than between memorial day and labor day.   This hard and fast “no white after labor day” rule is a bit antiquated, and white can actually be quite chic in cooler months with the right pairings.  But summer is definitely my favorite time to embrace white, and these eyelet sheath dresses are the perfect addition to a stylish work wardrobe.

With such an extreme price differential, the fabric and craftsmanship come into play. Michael Kors’ version uses a beautiful eyelet embroidered overlay and scalloped hem and the waist is accented with a skinny white patent leather back.  The back zipper is concealed which creates nice clean lines.   For a fraction of the cost, the Adrianna Papell version has the same body-hugging sheath silhouette and eyelet details.

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