Benefits of Women’s Clothing Subscription Box: Try One for Free

women's clothing subscripton box
What are your biggest shopping struggles? Do you hate trying on clothes at the store? Do you have trouble finding styles that suit you? Are you stuck in a style rut, always wearing the same pieces? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you need to try my new clothing rental service, StyleBox by Posh in Progress. It’s a women’s clothing subscription box that makes your life so much easier.

So what is clothing rental or a subscription clothing box mean? Well, you head over to the website, you shop 100% online, you pick out items you love, and then they are delivered right to your door. 

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There are several reasons I love clothing rental and here are a few:

Benefits of Women’s Clothing Subscription Box

1. Style Boxes are Better for the Environment

Fast fashion, disposable fashion, is really bad for the environment. If you buy something that’s low quality and you only wear it for a season, it will probably end up in the landfill and a lot of the materials used aren’t high quality or natural materials, so they don’t break down. Here’s a great article about sustainable fashion. Although clothing rental doesn’t mean all items are sustainable, reusing is always preferable to buying new.

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2. Try New Brands and Styles in You Fashion Box

One of the things I love most about clothing rental is that you can take more risks and try things you might not normally buy or try at the store. Since you’re trying on everything at home, it takes some of the fear out of trying things you think might not work for you. I know at the mall, I tend to only choose items I generally like. 

3. Send Back Anything You Don’t Like

Even if you don’t like items, you can send them right back and get your next box. There is no cost to you to return items, and you can get as many boxes a month as you want (once you initiate a return on the items you have in your possession). 

4. Keep Items as Long as You Want Them

If there is an item you love and want to wear for a while, you can keep it for as long as you want. You can ship items back as soon as you’re tired of them. For my first box, one of the items didn’t fit, and the other item I actually chose to buy, then I sent back the first dress and quickly received my second box.

5. There is One Flat Monthly Fee for a Clothing Subscription

You only pay one monthly fee of $55. There is no hidden or additional cost unless you choose to purchase something. No, you do not have to purchase any of the items. However, I personally did choose to buy two of the items I’ve received so far because I just really love them.

6. Buy Items at Deep Discounts

As I mentioned, I chose to buy two of the dresses. One of the dresses was more than 65% off of retail and the other one was 35% off retail. You can find great deals on pre-worn items. However, they are all in great condition, so it’s really no different than buying from a second-hand store.

If you want to learn more about women’s clothing subscription boxes, you can read more about how my style box works here. If you have any questions about the subscription box or how it works, please DM me or leave me a message. I’d love to talk to you about why I’m loving the service. If you’re looking for more fashion content, click here.

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