Rusty Orange Dress: You Need This Popular Color For Fall

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If there’s one color I keep seeing for fall, it’s this rust orange color. It seems to be everywhere. I recently got this cute rusty orange dress, and I actually ordered another rust orange dress that’s coming any day now. If you want to jump on the rusty orange color trend, I’m sharing some of my favorite pieces for fall.

Why Rusty Orange?

For me, this color screams fall. The color literally goes with the fall foliage. It is bright, but not too bright. It is neutral, but not boring. Honestly, I do love a hunter orange color for fall too, but I think this burnt orange is definitely more wearable.

{Stacey’s Look: Dress; Heels (similar); Clutch (similar); Earrings; Lipstick}

Who Can Wear Rust Orange?

Anyone! Honestly, I do think a rusty orange dress can work on most people’s skin tones. Unless you have a really cool undertone in your skin, then it might not work. But if you have a neutral or warmer undertone, I definitely think it works. I find this color looks pretty decent on me, along with olive green for fall, because I do have natural olive undertones to my skin.

If you’re not sure if the color works on you, at least give it a try! There are a few fall colors that don’t work on me, like the more subdued yellow color. I can wear marigold and bright yellow, but the more washed out yellow that you often see during fall looks awful on me. Just give it a try and see!

Would You Choose Rusty Orange Bridesmaid Dresses?

One fall trend is to actually chose this rusty orange for bridesmaid dresses. This is a bold choice, but I do think it could be beautiful for fall in the right conditions. For example, I think rusty orange could look beautiful if you have an outdoor wedding. It will look really pretty against an outdoor setting that has greens or fall foliage. If you are having an indoor wedding, I might opt for something lighter and brighter, but it could work depending on your bridesmaids and also the background. Picking bridesmaids dresses can be tricky because you want to choose a color you love, but also one that is more flattering for a lot of people. I would suggest having your. Maid of honor try on the rusty orange dress and see how it works on her. That’s definitely a good place to start.

How to Style a Rusty Orange Dress

The styling tips are dependent on the dress. Because my dress is a midi-length, I opted for really minimal and neutral shoes. I wanted to elongate the leg as much as possible since the dress is quite long. I chose to wear some bold gold earrings to add since visual interest since I wore my hair up. The earrings also draw the eye to my face so you’re more likely to notice the top of the dress. I opted to wear my hair up to show off the details of the dress. The off-shoulder and rouched detail at the bust are definitely the most interesting part of the dress, so I didn’t want my hair to cover it. I chose to finish the look with a simple satin clutch to keep the dress the center of attention.

If you’re looking to add a rusty orange dress to your wardrobe this fall, here are some of my favorite pieces. And if you’re looking for other fall fashion posts, click here.

Rusty Orange Dresses Under $50

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