Here’s Why an Asymmetrical Neckline Dress is Great for Your Wardrobe

Do you dress up for Valentine’s day? If you’re looking for a Valentine’s day dress that isn’t so obvious (enter red or pink), I’m sharing my favorite asymmetrical neckline dresses that I think are perfect for Valentine’s day. I love any excuse to dress up. With the pandemic, I have found very few times to actually dress up this much. But, I do love to have special occasion dresses in my closet for the chance to dress up. I’m going to the symphony in May, and I’m thinking this dress might be the winner for that event. It’s always great to have some options on hand, even if you don’t dress up too often. 

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{Stacey’s look: Dress; Heels (similar); Bag (similar); Earrings; Necklace}

I recently found this asymmetrical neckline dress for under $50, and I had to snag it. At that price point, I just knew I had to have it. The quality is so good and it looks so lux for under $50. The thing I love about this dress for Valentine’s Day, especially, is that it is so not what you’d expect someone to wear. Although I do love a red dress, It is just so expected on the holiday. I feel the same about black. Although you can never go wrong with a black dress, I think its awesome to change it up with something so unexpected. Forest green satin is definitely unexpected and the asymmetrical neckline just adds to the visual interest of the look. 

What is an Asymmetrical Neckline?

It might be obvious, but if you’re wondering what is an asymmetric neckline or what constitutes one, I’ll explain. A lot of people call it a one-shoulder neckline. The whole style means that one side of the dress looks different than the other. My dress, one shoulder is bare and the other side has some extra material. It sweeps down in a diagonal from clavicle to armpit, basically, so your entire shoulder is revealed. The thing I love about an asymmetric neckline is that it is sexy without being too revealing. I especially love that this dress has long sleeves and is mid-length, so it’s totally covered while still sexy. 

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How to Style a One Shoulder Dress

The best way to style a dress like this is to choose neutral heels that are strappy. It might not be obvious, but gold and other metallics are neutrals. I also chose a metallic bag with mixed metal. Also, I chose to wear my hair in a side braid because I wanted to be sure that my shoulder and clavicle were bare. I didn’t want to distract from the one-shoulder dress by covering up my shoulder. The whole center point of the dress is that neckline, so definitely show it off!

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9 Asymmetrical Neckline Dresses I Love

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