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Here are 10 Cute Sheer Jackets to Wear with Dresses

Confession, I’m actually super self-conscious about wearing sleeveless tops. I have always thought my arms were too big, so I think I look better in shirts with sleeves. It’s one of the reasons I love wearing jackets so much. Not only do jackets cover up my arms, I think jackets really complete a look. I recently started getting into sheer jackets because they are so perfect for summer. This sheer bomber jacket is the perfect piece to complete my simple night look.

{Stacey’s Look: Dress (similar); Sheer Jacket; Heels (similar); Bag (similar); Lipcolor}

I love this sheer bomber jacket so much because I think it is the perfect layering piece that makes an otherwise boring outfit really exciting. The dress I’m wearing is a very basic spaghetti strap bodycon dress from Target. It is beyond simple. But when I add this fun sheer jacket over the top, it really transforms the whole look. I love the flower pattern and fringe detail in this jacket. I also love that it has a bomber-style shape. It is short enough to work well with dresses but looks great with ripped mom jeans or cut off shorts. 

Sheer jackets are really versatile and great for summer and fall. If you layer a sheer jacket over a long sleeve shirt, it can definitely work for later in the year. I actually wore this jacket with mom jeans and a neon bodysuit too. I think it looks really great with multiple colors under it. That’s the great thing about black or white jackets – they are even more versatile. I honestly can’t believe my jacket is only $15. It feels much more lux than that.

Are you looking for a sheer jacket for yourself? I’ve chosen some of my favorite totally affordable sheer jackets below. And you can save an additional 15% with code 4PoshIn15.

Sheer Jackets Under $30

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