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10 Floral Backless Dresses that are Perfect for Summer

Los Angeles is in bloom! I love jacaranda season, as I call it. These purple flowering trees are my absolute favorite. Ironically, my very first blog post (8 years ago!) was about my love of the jacaranda trees back when we lived in Irvine. The other day I was at the park with my kids and I saw this gorgeous tree in bloom so I planned an outfit specifically around a shoot with this tree. It is the back backdrop and this floral backless dress felt like the perfect compliment. If you love floral backless dresses, then keep reading because I’m sharing 10 of my favorites!

10 Floral Backless Dresses

{Stacey’s Look: dress; heels; necklace; lip color}

It probably isn’t obvious from the pictures, but this dress required a bit of alteration. It has an extremely low v-neck, which I love. But it felt a bit too revealing, so I stitched up the v a little bit so it wasn’t showing quite as much. This floral backless dress also requires a special bra or no bra at all – the back is quite open, so it would be very hard to wear one without it being seen. I chose a bralette that was similar in color so you could see it in the back. But, I rather like that look. Back in the day, Carrie Bradshaw often rocked a bra strap with low-back dresses, and I think it can work. If you’re looking for a bralette that would look great with this backless floral dress, here is a bralette I love.

This floral backless dress has sheer sleeves, which makes this a very airy dress for spring and summer. Plus, the open back definitely is visually interesting. The fit of the dress is a-line with a zipper in the back. I love the seams under the bust. It creates great definition in the waist and the a-line skirt floats away. I also love the ditzy floral print – its feminine, yet interesting.

If you’re looking for a floral backless dress to add to your wardrobe, here are some of my favorites. You can also save 15% more on Shein with code 4poshin15. 

Floral Backless Dresses Under $30

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Do you own any backless dresses?  Let me know in a comment below!

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