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Beauty Trend to Try: The New Modern French Manicure

I’ve gotten more into nail art over the last few years. Lately, I’m really loving the modern french manicure trend. It is so popular for spring, and I hope this is a trend that stays. It’s an easy way to enter the nail art space if you’re not ready for major designs or bejeweled nails. Yet, it’s modern and goes with everything. 

When I first started getting my nails done, it was out of sheer necessity. I used to have a bad habit of picking at my cuticles. Once I started getting professional manicures, my bad habit stopped. At first, I started with pretty basic gel manicures. I often chose bold red, because red nails are always in fashion. Occasionally, I’d get something a little riskier but mostly stuck to the red and pink color families. 

But then I found a nail technician that always understood what I wanted and delivered really beautiful manicures. I started going outside my comfort zone and trying new styles, patterns, and designs. For the last few months, I’ve gotten several of the modern french manicure styles. Mostly, I’ve done pastel tips – like lavender and pale pink, but this last time, I tried something riskier. I did a neon negative space french manicure.

I absolutely love how these turned out. She chose a really neutral base for the nails and then we went with the most vibrant neon color they had. She used a very fine and thin brush to create the thin outline of where the nail tip is. They are so fun, and I receive compliments daily on this new modern french manicure.

If you’re interested in trying out this new beauty trend, I thought I’d share some of my favorite modern french manicures with you. I found all of these inspirations via Instagram. Honestly, my entire finder feed is filled with nail art. It’s such a great place to find inspiration. Once you find a photo you like, bring that to your nail tech and I bet she/he can create it for you! I always go in prepared with a photo and my nail tech is always able to find similar colors to create a similar look. If you want to try the modern french manicure yourself, here are 10 of my current favorites.

10 Modern French Manicure Ideas

1. Abstract

2. White and Gold

3. Black and White

4. Rainbow

5. Asymmetrical


7. Geometric

8. 360 Colors

9. Patterns

10. Bright Pastels

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  • Paznokcie says:

    A delightful example of a modern French manicure with a double stripe! It looks super aesthetically pleasing!