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10 Christmas Nails for 2020 I think You Will Love

Do you do Christmas nails or holiday nail art? I generally don’t do much in the way of nail art, but every now and then, I do like to change it up. Instead of shopping on Black Friday, I went in for a fresh gel mani/pedi. I stayed away from nail salons for the first 6 months of quarantine, but have since returned because I do love the longevity of gel manicures. 

If you’re looking for fun 2020 Christmas nails ideas, these are some I found on Instagram that I absolutely love. I tried to choose really different ideas to give you lots of options. You don’t have to go traditional red like I do. You can incorporate so many other fun colors and designs depending on your personal preference. 

If you like more traditional nails, you can opt for red with snowflakes. If you want something edgier, I think incorporating black and white nail art definitely gives off an edgier take on holiday nails. 

The thing for me about any nail art is that I try to choose designs I will like for the 2.5-3 weeks I’ll have the manicure. The great thing about gel nails is that it does last so long. But I also tend to get bored with my nails after the first week. That’s why I try to choose something more subtle that I won’t get sick of. Red nails for me are always in fashion. 

Do you wear Christmas nails? Are you a fan of holiday nail art? What are some designs you’ve tried?

Are you looking for other Christmas nails ideas? Click this link for 12 more fun and festive holiday nails. 

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