This is Why I haven’t Worn Combat Boots Since High School

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If you had told me I’d be rocking combat boots in 2020 I would have laughed at you. I haven’t worn Doc Martens since high school. In high school, they were the shoes. I literally owned 5 pairs, at least. And I loved them so much. I had the shoe kind, the boot kind, and even the sandal kind. They were my look.

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When I started seeing combat boots back in fashion over the last couple of years, I honestly didn’t think I’d get a pair. I did find an awesome pair of YSL patent leather ones I bought, but they ended up being too large so I had to return them. But I didn’t think I’d ever wear a pair of Doc Martens again or any combat boots for that matter. That’s until a friend of mine showed me a forest green pair that looked way cooler than I remembered.

{Stacey’s Look: jacket; pants (similar); shoes; earrings; t-shirt}

I couldn’t stop myself from finally getting a pair when I found them for under $40 at Nordstrom Last Chance store in Phoenix. When I saw the low sticker price, I had to try them on. Once they were on my feet, I was transported back to high school and remembered just why I loved them to start with. They are SO comfortable!

The other thing about combat boots is that they are so versatile. Of course, they look good with leggings and jeans, but they also look great with dresses and skirts.

I doubt I’ll wear my combat boots that often, because I tend to prefer a more polished and sleeker look. But, I’m still excited to have a pair in my wardrobe. They will be great for trips to cold climates to wear in fall and winter. They are also going to be great for trips that require more walking since they are so comfortable.

If you’re interested in trying combat boots this winter, I’m linking to some of my favorites below.

So what do you think about Doc Martens and combat boots?

Combat Boots I Love

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