How to Elevate and Personalize a Store Bought Pie

I created this video as part of a sponsored Instagram promotion. All opinions are my own.

Raise your hands if you’re busy during the holidays! Just like me, I bet you’re super busy and find it really hard to fit in the time to cook or bake as much as you’d like. I absolutely love baking, but making homemade pies is often something I just don’t have time to do. Just because you don’t make the pie yourself, doesn’t mean it can’t be special and personalized. That’s where my tips come in. Here are some ways you can elevate and personalize a store-bought pie.

Store-bought pies are so delicious, so it’s one area where I’ve learned to just give in and keep it simple. Why add an extra layer of stress to my life to make a homemade pie, when the ones at the store are so yummy? We have to pick our battles, and store bought pie is one I’m willing to concede.

Here’s the thing, you can make store-bough pies really special by adding homemade toppings. I’ve found that making a homemade whipped cream and homemade toppings or adding other unique store-bough toppings can make all the difference.

For Thanksgiving, I like to serve both pumpkin and pecan pies. This specific example is based on elevating a pecan pie.

To start, I made candied pecans. I found this really simple stove-top recipe that literally took 5 minutes to make.

Once the candied pecans were made, I decided to create a vanilla whipped cream. This also takes only about 2 minutes to make. I forgot just how easy and delicious homemade whipped cream is.

To serve the pie, I also chopped up some chocolate covered pretzels to add a little extra crunch on top. These simple little homemade touches really make a huge difference. The pie really did taste homemade even though it wasn’t. If you’re pressed for time, I hope you find this simple way to personalize a store-bought pie helpful!


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