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Here are Tips for How to Style Headscarves

So I’ve been into headscarves ever since the 6th grade. I can distinctly remember this time where we had to go around the class and write something nice about everyone in the class. Several students wrote that they liked my headscarves.

If you’re wondering what the difference between a headband and a headscarf is, well, not much. For me, the main difference is a headscarf is a complete circle whereas, a headband is open in the back. Headscarves can also be actual scarves that people tie different ways.  For example, this Total Beauty article shows 14 ways to wear headscarves.

The benefit of a headscarf is the versatility. Here’s another article with 10 ways to tie a headscarf. Despite being an early adopter of headscarves, headbands, bandeau headscarves, whatever you want to call them, I actually haven’t worn one in years.

I don’t know about you, but I totally get caught up in the same ole hair style. I almost always wear it down, straight, with my bangs swept to the side. Every now and then, I’ll rock the full fringe bangs, throw it up in a bun, or a pony, or curl it to make some beachy waves.

I’ve been so boring lately, I decided it’s time to shake things up, so I bought this striped headscarf and I absolutely love it! Black and white stripes are the best because they are so versatile and work with nearly everything. I personally love how headscarves look when my hair is pulled up, but it also can look totally cute with your hair down or in a low pony. (If you want to check out my full outfit, click here).

One major styling tip – make sure the headscarf is covering your ears. Everything I’ve seen, that’s how people style them. I personally think it looks super cute and my ears stick out a little, so this keeps them in check (ha!).

If you’re ready to try out the headscarf trend, here are some of the ones I love right now.

Some of My Current Favorite Headscarves

Like one of the scarves below? Click on the image to view it’s details.

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