17 Fall Activities for Preschoolers That Will Thwart a Meltdown

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As a working mom, my weekends are when I get the most quality time with my kids. The rest of the week, I constantly feel like I’m managing their requests and time so strictly that I have to say no a lot. On the weekends, we can finally let go, just have fun and I can finally say YES!

I try not to over-schedule our weekends, especially since we are learning a new city. However, my kids do love structure. Lately, my son has been asking me if we can do an ‘activity’ when we are at home. I compiled 17 fall activities for preschoolers so I have a go-to list when my kids do ask for a structured activity. It feels so good to say yes and be prepared with something fun for them to do on the weekends.

I know a lot of moms can relate to my desire to make sure my kids are happy and feel good. In between our weekend activities, I try to give them snacks they love that I feel good about giving them. One of their regular requests is for juice. I choose Capri Sun organic apple juice because it contains no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives and has no added sugar. Available at Walmart, I appreciate all of the variety Capri Sun offers including 100% juice and fruit and veggie juice blends.

If you’re looking for ways you can say yes to your kids with fun fall activities for preschoolers or kids, here are 17 ideas you should try.

17 Fall Activities for Preschoolers

1. Visit the Pumpkin Patch

This is a classic fall activity that kids love. I bet they will have a corn maze too! If you’re in New England, this is a great site for local pumpkin patches.

2. Apple Prints

Here’s a simple apple print craft that’s fun for younger kids. You can print on paper, or you could make tote bags or t-shirts!

3. Leaf Prints

Just like with apples, making leaf prints is a fun and simple activity for young kids.

4. Yarn Pumpkins

These might require a little parent help, but these yarn pumpkins are so adorable.

5. Pumpkin Pie Playdough

It smells amazing and your kids will love this pumpkin pie playdough.

6. Cotton Swab Trees

What a unique idea for painting trees using cotton swabs.

7. Leaf Sun-Catchers

This leaf sun-catcher activity will require a little help from you if your child isn’t old enough to use scissors.

8. Apple Picking

In Boston, fall is a great time to go apple picking. This site was a great resource for New England. If you don’t live near me, check out your area to see if there is apple picking this fall.

9. Handprint Leaves

My kids love sticking their hands in paint. Making fall handprint leaves is a simple (somewhat messy) activity your kids will love. Here is a list of 19 other handprint crafts for fall.

10. Apple Cider ‘Tea’ Party

Get your kids into the fall spirit by helping them set up a little fall tea party. You can serve them little fall-inspired treats too, like pumpkin scones or caramel apple cookies.

11. Pumpkin Slime

This pumpkin slime activity is great because you can use the guts of the pumpkin for the slime and then carve your pumpkin later.

12. Fall Sensory Bottle

My kids make sensory bottles at school sometimes and they always love them. This fall-themed sensory bottle would be a fun weekend project.

13. Leaf People

These leaf people are hilarious and your kids will have so much fun creating different leaf characters.

14. Pumpkin Seeds Fall Tree

This is a smart idea to use leftover pumpkin seeds to make a fall tree craft.

15. Fall Leaf Globe

My kids love the one globe I have that I bring out at Christmas, so this is a fun DIY fall leaf globe they will like.

16. DIY Bird Feeder

Kids can make this simple pine cone bird feeder.

17. Family Tree

You can help your kids make a tree and put pictures of your family to make a family tree. I remember when I was in elementary school and I made my family tree. I thought it was so fun learning about my family heritage and I bet your kids will too. This site even has templates you can use.

These are just 17 ideas for fun fall activities for preschoolers. I hope you find ways you can have fun with your kids while feeling good about saying yes. What fall activities do you have planned this year?

Stacey Freeman: I am a Style Maven, Mommy, Educator, and Traveler.